How to find the bigfoot in GTA 5

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GTA 5: the ghost and the bigfoot [Easter eggs]


Let's go back to dealing with easter eggs present in Grand Theft Auto V, and after having discovered several truths about the existence of UFOs (it's all collected in the cheats and guides tab of GTA 5), we go in search of the Bigfoot and other "strange presences".

How to find the bigfoot in GTA 5

At some point in the game, during the course of the "Predator" mission, you will find yourself with a thermal sniper rifle on board in a helicopter (with Michael). Aim with the shotgun in the lower right and you will find the outline of a huge and sturdy body. Remove the thermal vision to discover that it is him, the mythical and furry Bigfoot. In the video below you can see it with your own eyes (in the first seconds proof is given that a sighting had already occurred in a previous chapter of the series.

How to find the ghost

Another easter egg, this time we go to the paranormal. To enjoy the terrifying vision too, you must go to the point indicated in the video below, in the area of ​​Mt. Gordo Peak (mountain). The word "Jock" that can be read in the place of the ghost's appearance should refer to Jock Cranley a winewood stuntman nominated for governor.

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