How to find the best weapons in Dawnguard

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Skyrim Dawnguard - Guide to unlocking the best weapons

In the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim we will have a lot of new super angry enemies to fight, including giant legendary dragons. But Dawnguard also brings all new weapons and armor to face these new and fearsome monsters. In this guide we will see what they are and how to unlock them.

How to find the best weapons in Dawnguard

Dwarven crossbow

  • Unlocking this powerful crossbow with explosive bolts takes time and effort. You actually have to create it yourself using the blueprints found in a Dawnguard side-quest.
  • This secondary mission called "ancient technology" becomes available after completing the quest "a new order", when you are in the faction of the Dawnguard (follow the guide to enter this faction).
  • Talk to Sorine Jurard to start the quest. In this mission she will send you to different locations to unlock blueprints for the powerful darts. In the sixth quest you will be sent to retrieve the schemes of this powerful crossbow.
  • Bring the blueprints to Sorine and you'll be able to craft the crossbow and darts on your own. You now have one of Skyrim's best crossbows at your disposal.

Arco di Ariel

  • Towards the end of the Dawnguard main quest, you will acquire the "Touching the Sky" mission after completing the "Invisible Vision" quest for the Dawnguards.
  • When entering the Forgotten Valley shrine, defeat Vyrthur and talk to Gelebor to get your hands on this special bow.
  • The bow is equipped with a high rate of fire and the special arrows deal extra damage. Fire damage is also tripled when used against undead, making it perfect for hunting draugr and vampires.

Spada in Harkon

  • This sword is guarded by Lord Harkon himself. During the quest "Kindred Judgment" you will face Harkon, defeat him and the sword will be yours.
  • The quest "Kindred Judgment" is the last of the main quests of the Dawnguard faction, it comes after "Touching the Sky".
  • This sword has a special spell that absorbs 15 points of health, stamina and Magicka with each strike if wielding a Vampire Lord.

Aetherial Staff and Shield

  • During a special side quest (available for both Dawnguards and Vampires) called "Lost of Ages" you will be able to acquire this particular weapon.
  • To start this mission you will need to find and read a unique book called "The Aetherium Wars", which you can find in both Volkihar Undercroft Castle and Fort Dawnguard.
  • Read the book and you will find a new activity in the journal. Follow the destination to get more information about the mission.
  • Towards the end of the quest you reach the Forge. Here you will have the option to build one of three objects. Two of them are the Aetherial Staff and Shield.
  • The shield will cause any enemy rejected with it to spin, rendering them unable to attack and injure you for 15 seconds.
  • The staff summons a Dwemer or Sphere spider to fight for you. The summoning lasts 60 seconds.

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