How to find the 20 Tec Vault figurines in Fallout 4

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Guide to find ALL Fallout 4 Figurines [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


Let's go Bobblehead hunting!

How to find the 20 Tec Vault figurines in Fallout 4

In Fallout 4 there are 20 statuette "Bobbleheads" in totale. Collecting them all will not only unlock the Trophy / Objective "... they are action figures", but for each figurine found you will also unlock a new perk (skill) or you will upgrade one of your special abilities.

Below you will find a video showing where to find all the figurines, followed by a list of all the statuettes with the relative skills they unlock, as well as important information on how to recover them:

Don't forget to also check out the complete Fallout 4 cheats and guide tab for other useful guides on this game! Here is the list that indicates which skills are unlocked with each statuette, where we also indicate the exact minute of the video where you can see how to get it.

statuette statuette # 1 - Perception (+1 Perception)
[where it is: Museum of Freedom, watch the video at 0:05]

statuetta statuetta #2 - Repair (Fusion Cores last 10% longer)
[where it is: Corvega Assembly Plant, watch the video at minute 1:13]

statuetta #3 - Science (+1 Extra Guess when hacking Terminals)
[where it is: Malden Middle School / Vault 75, watch the video at minute 2:04]
[Requirements: Get the Access Card from the Gunner Commander in the vault]

statuetta #4 - Explosive (+15% Damage with Explosives)
[where it is: Saugus Ironworks, watch the video at 5:01]

statuetta #5 - Sneak (You are 10% harder to detect)
[where it is: Dunwich Borers, watch the video at 6:19]

statuetta #6 - Barter (Prices are 5% better)
[where it is: Longneck Lukowski's Cannery, watch the video at 8:25]

statuette # 7 - Intelligence (+1 Intelligence)
[where it is: Boston Public Library, watch the video at 9:14]

statuetta #8 - Melee (+25% Critical Damage with Melee Weapons)
[where it is: Trinity Towers, watch the video at 10:38]

statuetta #9 - Strength (+1 Strength)
[where it is: Mass Fusion Building, watch the video at 12:22]

statuetta #10 - Lock Picking (Lockpicking is permanently easier)
[where it is: Pickman Gallery, watch the video at 13:48 pm]

statuetta #11 - Speech (Vendors have 100 more Caps for bartering)
[where it is: Park Street Station / Vault 114, watch the video at minute 15:55]
[Requirements: To be taken during or after the main story mission "Unlikely Valentine". The mission starts in Diamond City]

statuetta #12 - Energy Weapons (+25% Critical Damage with Energy Weapons)
[where it is: Fort Hagen, watch the video at 18:24 pm]

statuetta #13 - Unarmed (+25% Critical Damage with unarmed attacks)
[where it is: Atom Cats Garage, watch the video at 20:39]

statuette # 14 - Endurance (+1 Endurance)
[where it is: Posiedon Energy. Minute 21:11 of the video. If you have the master lockpicking skill, enter from the roof, otherwise use the water pipe]

statuetta #15 - Agility (+1 Agility)
[where it is: Wreck of the FMS Northern Star, watch the video at 22:37]

statuetta #16 - Luck (+1 Luck)
[where it is: Spectacle Island, watch the video at 23:40]

statuetta #17 - Small Guns (+25% Critical Damage with ballistic guns)
[where it is: Gunners Plaza, watch the video at 24:19]
[Requirements: Get the recording room key from the Ryder in the area]

statuetta #18 - Big Guns (+25% Critical Damage with Heavy Guns)
[where it is: Vault 95. Watch the 25:35 minute of the video. Set the difficulty to a minimum and avoid all enemies, the area is heavily guarded by high-level enemies]

statuetta #19 - Medicine (Stimpaks heal 10% more Dmage) - 26:41
[location: Secret Vault 81. Buy 3 fusion cores from the vendors to enter Vault 81. Then talk to Bobby in the reactor room and the Doctor on the lower deck. Leave the vault and sleep for 24 hours, then return to the doctor. Accept the mission and follow Bobby.]

statuetta #20 - Charisma (+1 Charisma) - 33:08
[where it is: Parsons State Insane Asylum]
[Requirements: You must be level 10 or higher, kill the guards outside the Asylum, then talk to Edward Deegan. It can appear in 4 different locations: Colonial Taphouse & Dugout Inn in Diamond City, Third Rail in Goodneyside, Bunker Hills. After talking to him, the "Special Delivery" mission will start. Complete it along with the following mission "Emogene Takes a Lover". At this point the mission "The Secret of Cabot House" will begin which will give you access to the Asylum.]

Some require you to have completed certain missions, but keep in mind that you can retrieve the figurines that you have not taken at any time and that in the inventory under "Miscellaneous" you can see exactly which ones you have already found.

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