How to earn XP in Titanfall

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Titanfall: tips for leveling up fast


Here are some handy tips for earning XP and leveling up quickly from the very first games of Titanfall.

How to earn XP in Titanfall

Leveling up in Titanfall will be essential to unlocking new Titans, weapons and gear of all kinds. Here are some tips to make the most of your games and earn experience points in the shortest possible time.

1) Play the Multiplayer campaign
Play the multiplayer campaign as both IMC and Militia to unlock the Stryder and Ogre Titan classes (follow the Titan Unlock Guide for more details). If you want to level quickly you can't stick with the standard Titans.

2) Kill the soldiers commanded by the AI ​​(minions)
Killing the "minions" will speed up the Titan timer and earn you Attrition points, as well as unlock weapon accessories. To kill CPU-controlled soldiers effectively, try the Assassin-class "Smart Pistol" secondary weapon which will automatically target soldiers within range. For obvious reasons they are dumber than other player-controlled pilots, so they will be your favorite target to rack up easy XP.

3) Kill the pilots
Killing pilots will earn you a good extra XP, even more if you are the first to kill a pilot in a match. At the beginning of a match, try to wait where the soldiers commanded by the CPU of your team are gathered, that is the place where the opposing pilots tend to rush. Also remember that stealth will last longer if you use silenced pistols, this will be very useful for quick and easy kills.

4) Use Burn Cards effectively
Use the Burn Cards often, you can bring a maximum of 3 in each game. Use them to unlock new weapon upgrades or to enhance their destructive effects. Remember that some Burn cards, if equipped, will earn you extra XP every time you kill a pilot. Set up your set of Burn cards to maximize XP earned and increase kills.

5) Titan: destroy and protect
The titans are very effective in pricing AI-commanded soldiers, but remember they are vulnerable to pilots. A good strategy can be the defensive one: leave the Titan behind you while you worry about mangling enemy minions and pilots. As for the opposing Titans, every time you see one, try your best to hit it. Even if you don't kill it, you will get your share of XP when it is destroyed.

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