How to earn XP and unlock all upgrades

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Batman Arkham Origins: cheats to earn infinite XP (120.000 XP in 15 min)


The upgrades to buy to upgrade Batman to the maximum are many, here is a little help to earn easy XP quickly.

How to earn XP and unlock all upgrades

In the video you find below a very simple trick is shown to earn all the experience points you want, thus having the possibility of purchase all upgrades and upgrades of Batmn from the start. Watch the video:

Basically you will have to proceed in this way. Go to the Burnley area and get killed by the guard at the location shown in the video, this way the game will do a quick save.

Now silently land the first 3 guards that are nearby, in the order shown in the video. After that, fix the last enemy with the "Knockout Smash" attack using the button on PS3 / on Xbox 360. This will earn you an apex bonus of 4000 XP. Immediately after the save icon will appear, when it goes away you can reload the checkpoint and repeat the process as many times as you want to accumulate many many XP.

The process is very fast and you can earn up to 8000XP in one minute about.

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