How to earn extra GOLD

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Ryse Son of Rome: how to earn extra Gold


Here is a very simple but quick and effective enough trick to earn some money Oro extra to spend in Ryse Son of Rome.

How to earn extra GOLD

Surely you have heard of the comic dedicated to Ryse Son of Rome which can be read for free on the site at this address (unfortunately it seems that even in the Spanish version of the site the comic is only in English ...). What you may not know is that by reading this comic it is possible to quickly and easily find the Gold that can then be spent in the course of the actual game on Xbox One.

Then go to this page to start reading the book. Continuing to scroll through the pages you will notice some that seem interactive (the first is n ° 6), and allow you to click on bags of gold that shine or other objects. Clicking on it will open a window that warns you that you have found some Gold. At that point, just enter your gamertag and click "Save" to find the Gold added to your inventory when you return to play Ryse Son of Rome.

In total there are 50 Gold packs to find, happy hunting!

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