How to earn and spend Phoenix Credits

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The Division: Best Ways to Earn Phoenix Credits [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


How to accumulate currency in the post-game.

How to earn and spend Phoenix Credits

In The Division, Phoenix credits are the post-game currency, that is, the credits that are needed to purchase level 30 weapons and equipment, which you cannot go beyond.

There are different ways to earn Phoenix Credits, let's see what they are:

  • complete daily missions. These missions become available after reaching level 30, for more help follow the guide to the daily missions of The Division;
  • complete the main missions on "Challenge" difficulty. This difficulty becomes available after reaching level 30. Keep in mind that only a few missions are available at this difficulty;
  • kill Elite rank enemies. They are found in some areas of the Dark Zone, but also as final bosses in some missions. Elite only drop Phoenix Credits if you are level 30;
  • finally, you can get 30 additional Phoenix credits by spending your UPlay points

Among them, the most effective method of earning a lot of Phoenix Credits quickly is the third. Then form a nice party of 4 skilled players (going alone you will only waste time as you will be easy prey for other players who will steal your loot) and start farming the best equipment and weapons, together with the Phoenix credits that will be dropped by the Elite. . Here is a video that can give you an idea on how to proceed:

Update the 18 / 03 / 16
Here is another video with another great way to accumulate Phoenix Credits that it can do for you earn up to 150 Phoenix Credits in one hour, as well as much other rare material. But be careful, as explained in the description of the video you will not be able to use this method if you have already killed the elite "Bullet King" and his henchmen near the Autumn's Hope refuge.

How to spend Phoenix Credits

There are currently two vendors where Phoenix Credits can be used in The Division.

1) Base of Operations
In the technical wing of the base you will find the Special Equipment Vendor who will accept your Phoenix credits to sell you special equipment and weapons. No Dark Zone levels are required for these items.

2) Black Zone 06
In the far north of Dark Zone 6 you will find this other vendor in the safe haven that looks like a church (see the image below for the exact location). This vendor sells different items than the first one we saw, but remember that to have access to the best gear you will need to be Level 50 in the black zone.

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