How to duplicate weapons and other items:

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Borderlands 2 - How to have infinite money and duplicate items


If you've played the first Borderlands game, you probably already know this simple trick to get big money and duplicate items and weapons. The good news is that the trick also works in Borderlands 2, so let's give it a quick quick dust off.

To put this system into practice you will have to agree with a friend of yours, the trick only works in co-op. By following this procedure your friend will earn the duplicate items and the money. Obviously you can repeat everything in reverse parts.

How to duplicate weapons and other items:

1) drop the weapon to the ground
2) have your friend collect it
3) immediately exit to the dashboard as soon as your friend has collected the weapon

How to earn infinite money:

1) start a trade with your friend, then give them all your money
2) accept the exchange
3) exit immediately to the dashboard as soon as you are done


in both cases, pay attention to the following:

- make sure that the money or weapons you are about to sell have gone through a bailout BEFORE proceeding with the trade;
- exit immediately as soon as the exchange is made, the game must NOT save otherwise it will take away your weapon or money and the trick will not work;
- the trick must be used in an online game with a friend, you who give the objects to the friend must NOT be the host.


The game is done. When you reload the game you will see that your weapons and your money (even those given to your friend) are in place. This is because you who have sold them have NOT saved, your friend must save them, otherwise he too would lose them and everything would return as before, as if you had not done anything.

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