How to download all songs: Out of disk space

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Unlock All Watch Dogs Songsneak Songs [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


What kind of hackers would we be if we didn't download some music.

How to download all songs: Out of disk space

To unlock this Watch Dogs trophy / achievement we will have to unlock all 23 songs available within the game. There are two ways to get the songs:

1) you have to profile and hack the civilians who have the songs on their devices, which requires you to keep going until the end of the campaign in order to have a chance to meet these characters

2) use the Songsneak app located on Aiden's cell phone which allows you to capture the music you listen to in the environments of the game world. If you are in a place where you listen to a song that you have not yet unlocked, just start the app from the mobile phone menu to automatically add it to your library.

The best places to hear new songs they are obviously public places such as clothes or weapons shops, coffee shops and stands / newsstands scattered around the city.

The best way to find them all seems to be to go round and round passing from one kiosk to another in the park northwest of the pier, as shown in the video below. Keep walking passing from one newsstand to another (there are 4 in total in the area); Sometimes you may find songs that you already have, but if you try several times, you will also find new ones. This way you are much more likely to find them all. Watch the video

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