How To Do Factory Reset (Hard Reset) Samsung Galaxy Gran Duos

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We have our reasons why we need to factory reset our device.

Maybe we want to delete all files and restore the device to its original state. It could also be that the device may be faulty or so slow and needs to be reset. Factory Reset or Factory Reset of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos deletes all existing files.

It is recommended that you back up important files on your computer before attempting to restore your device.

The steps below are instructions on how factory reset your Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos.

Step 1 On your homescreen, tap MENU .

Step 2. Select " Settings “, Then scroll down and tap Backup and restore.

Step 3. Then tap on " DataFactory Reset ".

Step 4. Read the warning carefully before touching the " Reset Device ".

Step 5. If you want to reset the device, tap on "Delete All “To confirm the reset.

Now, you just have to wait until your device is resetting. It should restart and you will have to repeat the procedure as if it were the first power up.

Come fare l’Hard Reset:

1. Turn off the device. 2. Then press and hold Volume Down + Home Key + Power. 3. Wait a few seconds until the factory reset menu appears. 4. Select “wipe data / factory reset” using the Volume down key. You can also use the quick method using the code, enter * 2767 * 3855 # on your device keyboard 

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