How to destroy the watchtower

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Battlefield 4 - Levolution: how to destroy the turret in Operation Prison


New guide dedicated to Battlefield 4 Levolution, this time we see what are the changes that can be caused in the map Operation Prison.

How to destroy the watchtower

Also in this map we will have to use up the stocks of explosives to throw out the watchtower placed in the center of the complex (point C in Conquest). A few hits with the rocket launcher or a few blocks of C4 will be enough to destroy the tower. The collapse will overwhelm the lucky ones who will find themselves under the building and will open a new passageway between the two floors where the tower rises.

As in Storm in Paracel, there is also in Operation Prison another variation of the map, however, which happens randomly and cannot be activated by players. Outside the prison, in fact, one can witness a sudden change in the weather that passes from a quiet sunny day to a violent one. snow storm which greatly reduces visibility.

In the following video you can see how to destroy the tower, in addition to other minor interactions possible in the map, such as blowing up gas pipes on the ceiling that turn some corridors into deadly traps.

I greet you reminding you that in the card Battlefield 4 cheats and guides, among others, you will also find the guides dedicated to the Levolution transitions of all the other maps.

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