How to destroy the dam

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Battlefield 4 - Levolution: how to drop the dam in Lancang Dam


New guide dedicated to the feature "Levolution" by Battlefield 4: today we see how to knock down the dam in the map Diga in Lancang.

How to destroy the dam

This is probably the toughest Levolution mod to activate in Battlefield 4. In order to bring down the huge embankment you will have to unload a large amount of explosives on the wall. Keep insisting on rockets, tank guns and also, if available, with air artillery. The dam will begin to show more and more evident cracks until the inevitable collapse.

Unfortunately the area will not be flooded as the dam is completely dry, but the area below will be completely overwhelmed by boulders and debris creating new paths. Another good reason to destroy the dam is to provide excellent cover for the helicopters that can now go and hide behind the dam as shown in the final stage of the video below. The video also shows how to destroy the dam and the sequence of the collapse.

To find out how to activate the Levolution modification of the other maps, check the tab Battlefield 4 cheats which collects all the guides for this game.

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