How to destroy all the Militia bombs

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Batman Arkham Knight: Militia Bombs Guide, Gotham Slum


Let's see how to complete one of the game's side quests.

How to destroy all the Militia bombs

"Disarmament Campaign" is one of the "wanted" side missions of Batman Arkham Knight which, among other things, is also part of the Deathstroke questline. In this mission it is necessary find and defuse the 14 explosive devices placed by the militia, the first bomb you will take out as part of a mission of the main story, then the secondary quest will activate where you will have to find the remaining bombs.

The video you can see above shows where all the bombs are and how to destroy them. To do this you need to use the Batmobile's winch to load a virus, then repel the drone attack while hacking.

Destroying all the bombs and completing the mission "Campaign for Disarmament" will also unlock the Trophy / Achievement "Gotham Slum".

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