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Today we will explain how to delete Google account. Let's start by reminding you of the process of making a backup of the data it contains, so that you can keep your photos and the content you hosted before you wanted to delete it. And then we will go straight to the step-by-step process of deleting Google account.

Before deleting Google account let's back up

When your Google account is permanently deleted, you will lose the data it contains forever. Therefore, it is advisable to make a backup copy of the data contained in it to download it in case you need it in the future.

To do this, log into the Google Takeout website and, if you haven't done so yet, log in with the Google account you intend to delete.

Once in Google Takeout, you must first select or deselect the data you want or don't want to download. After performing this step, you need to click the Next button to proceed to the next download point.

Now you just have to configure the type of file you want to download the data to or the size of each file that makes up the total. You can also tell them how you'd like to receive the file, either by email or directly to your Google Drive account. Once done, click Create files and in a few hours Google will send them to you.

How to delete your Google account

To start deleting your Google account, go to any company page and click on your profile picture which you will see at the top right. A small menu will appear, in which you need to click on the Google Account button to access the configuration of your account.

Once you are in the setup of your Google account, you will see a large number of options. Here, you need to click on the Account Preferences category, as this is where the options to remove Google account are found.

Once inside the Account Preferences, in the left column click on the category Delete your account or some services. You will go to the area where you can delete your account, and click the Delete Google account and data option to request the complete cancellation of your credentials

You will go through a screen where you need to confirm your identity with the password and, once done, Google will list all the things you lose when you delete your account. Pay attention to this, because you will lose all Google services and their contents.

Scroll to the bottom of this page and you will see the final button. Select to accept and want to permanently delete the account e after checking these two boxes, click the Delete Account button. From here Google will immediately delete your account, but leave a link to start the recovery process.

How to delete Gmail account

It's time to finally get rid of that awkward email address you created ten years ago.

Deleting a Gmail account is permanent. After completing the process, all emails and account settings will be cleared. You will no longer be able to use your Gmail address to send or receive emails, and the address will not be available to anyone else in the future.

However, deleting Gmail accounts does not delete the entire Google account that the email address is associated with. You will still have access to all other Google Account services, such as Google Drive, your calendar, Google Play, and more. Gmail will ask you to provide an alternate email address that you can use to log into your Google account in the future.

How to delete Gmail account?

  1. Log into your Gmail account at
  2. Click the grid icon in the upper right corner and select "Account".
  3. In the "Account preferences" section, click "Delete account or services".
  4. Select "Delete products".
  5. Enter the password.
  6. Optional: Click “Download Data” to save all important information from the deletion.
  7. Click the trash can icon next to "Gmail".
  8. Enter an alternate email address (cannot be another Gmail address).
  9. Make sure you are using an email address you have access to; you will need it to continue deleting your account.
  10. Click "Send Verification Email".
  11. Open the Google email you should have received on the alternative email.
  12. Follow the delete link in the message.
  13. If prompted, log into the Gmail account you want to delete.
  14. Select “Yes, I want to delete (example) @”.
  15. Click "Delete Gmail". Then, click "Finish".

According to the Google Account Guide, "If you use Gmail for work, school, or other groups, contact your administrator." The account administrator is the only one who can delete the Gmail account.

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