How to create animated gifs with your face: the best apps

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How to create animated gifs with your face: the best apps. Memes and GIFs are the images that reign on social networks, it has become so difficult to tour Instagram or Twitter without seeing some of these innovative and fun creations. If, like us, you usually share memes and GIFs, you should know that there are apps you can put your face in to have even more fun.

Facebook has also joined this trend by creating Whale, a meme-making app. However, this app is not on our list of best apps to create animated Gif with your face. If you want to see how it works, we invite you to open the front camera and continue reading, the fun lies a little further down.

How to create free animated gifs with your face

In addition to opening the doors to a world of thousands and thousands of memes and GIFs, the apps we recommend below allow you to add your face and make yourself the meme itself. For pure fun or to go viral, we invite you to make these images that move with your face with the following apps.

GATM Meme Generator

One of the most popular apps for creating animated images on Android is GATM Meme Generator, which has come to have over a million downloads. In addition to being able to access a huge meme gallery, with this free app you can too create them with the images you have in your phone gallery.

Once created, you can save them to your device's SD card for share them in this way via WhatsApp, Twitter or the social network that you like best. By the way, they are saved without watermark, so the meme with your face or personal pictures will be perfect for sharing.


Recommended as one of the best deepfakes apps, Doublicat is known for producing realistic face swaps in GIFs. So, using this application, you can put your face on the GIFs you like the most and become the protagonist.

To do this, you just need to open Doublicat, take a selfie with the front camera and choose the GIF where you want to put your face. In a few seconds, the app will immediately make the change, so you can see the result. On the other hand, you can also make GIFs with your images from the gallery and share them on social networks and messaging.


The free Morphin app allows you to make yourself the most popular character of the moment. You choose tuyou can be Iron Man, the Great Gatsby or even Donald Trump himself. Take a selfie or take a photo from the gallery, you can also do it with your friends' photos and choose the GIF you want to act in. Within seconds, Morphin releases the result of the process to you.

But the possibilities for change don't end there, since you can also choose to change the wardrobe of GIF characters. When you are done with the work, you can share it on social networks to laugh with your family and friends.

Meme Generator

Another good application for creating memes with your images is Meme Generator Free, with over 10 million downloads and an average rating of 4,7 on the Play Store. It features a large catalog of high resolution memes divided into categories that make your search easier. Let's talk about this app because helps you customize memes with images from your gallery.

Select the photo you want to convert into a meme and edit it with all the options that the meme generator offers you: color and size adjustment, different text sources, stickers, cropping the image and even combining multiple memes to create one. Overall, Meme Generator is one of the most complete apps that you can use to create original and funny memes with your face. Of course, you can share your works with the rest of the world through other apps.


With over 10 million downloads on the Play Store, 9GAG has become one large global community for sharing funny memes and GIFs. Besides being able to use this app to find the viral image you want to use, you can also use it to create personal animated gif images with the images you have saved in the gallery. If you do it right, it becomes easy to go viral on the platform and other users will use them to communicate.

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