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Do you need to take ID or passport photos online? You can create your passport photo online for driving license, passport and other documents for free! The good news is that you can take passport photos online, for free and with the essential parameters for them to be valid in dozens of countries.

The “123passportphoto” website simplifies the process to the point that it only takes a few clicks. For example, let's say you need photo ID for your driving license in Spain.

The page indicates that the photo size should be 26 x 32mm, with a white background. First we load the photo, then we adjust its position, then we modify the brightness, contrast, exposure and / or saturation and finish the process. There is an intermediate step that allows you to add suits or suits and ties.

Then there is the solution using a Passport Photo Maker passport photo app that we explain below how it works. While at the end of the article you will find other websites that are always useful for printing passport photos online for free.

The ID photo program will help you adjust the size and prepare the photo for printing. This way you can save time and money every time you need a photo for a passport, visa application, driver's license, etc.

How to create an online photo essay with Passport Photo Maker

Choosing the right software is an important decision if you intend to take self-portraits. The requirements for passport images are very strict today. The program must therefore be able to resize and modify the images in order to ensure their acceptance by the administrative authorities.

It goes without saying that an application aimed at certain users must be easy, intuitive and convenient. Passport Photo Maker is a great solution, even if you are not a computer warrior. Here's how this software can take passport photos in three steps:

1. Choose the best image

Take some pictures first. You will find tips within the program, click on the camera icon on the tool panel. So you have two options, add a photo or choose your photo. If in doubt, this last option will help you.

Click Compare Photos in the lower left corner and drag the photos to the work pane on the right side of the Windows folder. Zoom as needed to check the quality. Choose the best image and click Select.

2. Crop the photo

Cropping is the most important step, as you have to follow the strict dimensions of your passport photo. Sizes vary depending on the type of document, so first select the ID type from the drop-down list in the top right corner (click Settings to choose the country).

In the full version of Passport Photo Maker, automatic face detection features are turned on by default and cropping is done once the photo is added.

Make sure the yellow horizontal line crosses the center of the eyes and the vertical line crosses the center of the face and the red line crosses the chin and the top of the head. If you prefer to manually number features, open the Clipping tab. Click New Selection and follow the instructions that will appear on the right.

3. Print the photo

After adjusting the shot, open the Print tab. Choose the paper size and enter the number of photos you need.

As a print margin you can choose between standard, cross or online. Adjust the margins. When the print layout is ready, you have two options. Click Print Photos if the printer is of sufficient quality to print passport photos. Alternatively, you can save to file, transfer photos to a storage device, and print them at a photo shop.

How to create an online passport photo

Among the best sites for the creation of an online passport photo, we undoubtedly find Its use is very simple and does not require the installation of any additional program.

To get your passport photo online, connect to the site, fill out the form that you will find immediately in front of you and upload the most suitable photo for the realization of your project. At this point, all you have to do is save and print your DIY passport photo.

Again, you can take an online passport photo using ePassportPhoto. The procedure is practically the same as that described for and allows the free printing of only one set of photos per day.

Finally, use the so-called Photo Booth and make your passport photo online. To use the service, connect a web cam to the PC and connect to the site. Accept the connection to the aforementioned web cam and wait for the interface to show you your “live” image inside the cabin.

At this point, when you have found the expression that best suits your online passport photo, take the photo by clicking on the appropriate red button and, if necessary, edit your images using the editor available to create an online passport photo.

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