How to craft melee weapons (melee weapons)

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The Last of Us: guide to create all the weapons and items [Let's gear up]


We don't go so far as to say that crafting in 'The Last of Us' is as complex as it can be, for example, in a good RPG, but the crafting system of items and whatnot in the Naughty Dog production is good enough to integrate well with. the gameplay and make it more varied.

In The Last of Us it is in fact possible to create objects from the special crafting menu by combining different materials collected in the game phases. In this guide we will see how to create all objects.

There are 6 main types of objects / materials in the game that you can craft. These elements, once realized, can be further enhanced by finding the manuals hidden in the various chapters of the story. These manuals are 12 in total, precisely two for each of the 6 categories of objects to be created (refer to the guide to the training manuals if you want to find them all).

Returning to crafting, create all the objects following the instructions we will give you in this guide, in addition to providing you with better equipment, it will also allow you to unlock the Trophy

Let's gear up - Create all items

So here are the 6 types of objects to create with additional information on the materials required. At the end of the list we also offer a video that practically shows how to proceed.

The required materials indicated in the guide can be found scattered throughout the game's chapters. They are not difficult to find, just a little effort in exploring the game environments.


How to craft melee weapons (melee weapons)

We are talking about a survival horror and melee weapons of all kinds play a fundamental role in the gameplay. In the early stages of the game, these weapons are simple tools (a wooden bar, for example) that wear out and degenerate after using them a couple of times.

However, when you arrive in Bill's Town, you will find your first modified melee weapon on a rooftop. This is an updated version of the basic melee weapons. These weapons are more powerful and could even mate an infected in one hit.

Materials Required: Blade, Binding and Melee Weapon

How to make knives and daggers in The Last of Us

You will learn how to use the knives in the Quarantine Zone. These are very important because they allow you to kill enemies silently and in a short time, also they represent the only way to take out creatures such as Clickers that cannot be strangled with bare hands without firearms. Like melee weapons, knives also wear out. Also in this case it is advisable to find the relevant training manuals to improve their endurance and power.

Materials required: blade and binding

Come creare i Kit medici in The last of us

It goes without saying how important healing kits can be in a game like The Last of Us. To regenerate Joel's health you can craft them using the following materials:

Materials required: Patches (rags) and Alcohol

Come creare le Molotov in The Last of Us

You can use them to kill multiple enemies in a confined area. Here's what you need to make Molotov cocktails:

Materials required: Patches (rags) and Alcohol

How to make the spiked bomb

It is practically a trap that explodes when enemies come into contact with it, very similar to a claymore, but also more bastard. Bill will introduce it to you for the first time, after which you can use the following materials to create it yourself:

Materials required: blade and explosive.

How to make the smoke bomb

Not only does it reset enemies to zero, but it can also temporarily stun them.

Materials required: Explosives and Sugar


Now here is a video showing showing an example of creating the objects just described. Don't forget to check out The Last of Us complete video walkthrough and guide to unlock all trophies.

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