How to connect the Tablet to the TV, iOS and Android

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We will explain how to connect tablet to TV to be able to see what appears on the screen. We are not talking about sending content via an application, but seeing it on TV as on the tablet as if they were connected.

Therefore, if you want other people who are with you to be able to watch tablets on TV, you will have several methods that allow you to do this.

To do this, we will tell you what are the two main alternatives you can use to connect tablet to TV, on both Android and iOS. We will be using an iPad in our tests, but we will offer you some general descriptions and instructions instead of going step by step precisely so that you can do it from any tablet operating system.

How to connect tablet to TV wirelessly

The first method that all tablets have available is to connect tablets to the TV wirelessly. Here, it will depend on the TV you have. If you have an Android tablet, you will need a Google Cast compatible TV or an Android TV or Chromecast connected to the device. And if you want to connect iPad to TV, you'll need your TV to be AirPlay compatible or have an Apple TV device connected.

On Android you have two ways to do this. The first is from the shortcut screen itself that opens when you swipe down with two fingers. There, you should have a Cast Screen option that appears with the Chromecast icon. When you click on it, you will see a list of compatible devices and in it you will have to choose your TV or the Chromecast or Android TV you connected to.

But that shortcut to send the screenshot isn't available on all Android devices. In this case you can use the Google Home application, which in its version for Android, when you have configured a Chromecast or a device compatible with Google Cast and clicking on it, you will see an option Send my screen to connect tablet to TV.

If you want to watch iPad on TV instead, what you should do is open the iPadOS Control Center and click the Mirror Screen option, which will appear as you see in the screenshot. When you do that, a window will pop up where you need to click on the AirPlay compatible device and it will start sending the screen automatically.

How to connect tablet to TV with USB / HDMI cable

The other main method of casting from tablet to TV is connect them by cable. Here, the cable will need to have an HDMI connector on one side to connect it to the TV, and on the other side it will need to have the type of connector that your tablet has, which is the same cable you charge it with.

For Android it can be of two types of connectors, may be microUSB or USB type C. In some cases, MicroHDMI tablets may also be present. In any of the three cases, you will need to purchase an adapter cable with both connectors to connect tablet to TV via HDMI.

In the case of iOS, the cable that has an HDMI output must be compatible with Lightning or USB Type C connection a depending on the iPad model. Most modern ones already have USB Type-C, but some may have the other as well.

Either way, what you should do is identify the type of connector your tablet has, which is the same one used by the cable you charge it with. So, you will have to try to buy one that fits that connector with HDMI to be able to watch tablets on TV.

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