How to connect iPhone 12/12 mini to a TV, monitor or projector

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Find out how to quickly connect your iPhone 12/12 mini to your TV, monitor or projector using these simple and inexpensive methods to use. In a few lines I'll explain how to cast the iPhone 12/12 mini display on the big screen of your TV, monitor or projector. There are many solutions to do this, although for us the first solution is the simplest and most reliable one to use.

1. How to connect your iPhone 12/12 mini to TV or monitor (Selected by us)

Connecting your iPhone 12/12 mini is quick and easy and lets you set up everything in minutes.

  1. Plug the Lightning end of the adapter into your iPhone 12/12 mini
  2. Plug an HDMI cable into the adapter
  3. If you haven't already, plug the other end of the HDMI cable into an HDMI port on your TV or monitor. HDMI ports are typically found on the back of the TV and monitor.
  4. Plug your iPhone 12/12 mini charger into the Lightning port to supply power to the adapter.
  5. Sit back and enjoy content including videos, photos, games and more from your iPhone 12/12 mini on the big screen.

Additionally, the HDMI to Lightning adapter has a number of useful features including support for both 1080p and 4K resolution, which means you can watch videos in crystal clear clarity. Additionally, the adapter allows for pass-through charging, allowing your iPhone 12/12 mini to charge simultaneously while streaming.

2. Connect your iPhone SE to TV via Google Chromecast

If you already own a Google Chromecast device or are thinking of buying one, you can use Google's streaming device to mirror iPhone SE to TV. The Chromecast 3 is available on Google for around 30 to 40 euros / dollars. Here's how to connect iPhone SE to TV via Chromecast:

  1. Download the Mirror Screen to Chromecast app from the Apple App Store
  2. The app searches for your Google Chromecast
  3. Once the device appears, select it
  4. Screen mirroring starts
  5. The iPhone screen now appears on the TV

3. How to connect your iPhone 12/12 mini to a TV via digital Lightning-AV adapter

Probably the easiest way to connect iPhone 12/12 mini to a TV it is through a Lightning Digital AV Adapter. At its price (€ 59), you will have to add the price of an HDMI cable. Apple sells HDMI cables for € 34,95, but Amazon offers much cheaper options at around € 6,49.

This little tool contains a HDMI port that can be connected to a TV, as well as a Lightning output which gives you the ability to charge your iPad or iPhone at the same time. Using a Lightning AV Digital Adapter couldn't be simpler:

  1. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the adapter and the other end to an HDMI output on the TV (usually located at the rear).
  2. Fellow worker the adapter to Lightning port of your iPhone 12/12 mini.
  3. Optional: Connect the cable to charge your phone to the Lightning port of the Digital AV Adapter.

Turn on the TV and set it to show the video from HDMI (usually done through the remote control). You will see the main screen of your iPhone 12/12 mini on the TV. Perhaps the quality is rather bad. Don't worry, this is only when the main page is displayed. The quality will improve in seconds.

Starts to play a video on your iPhone 12/12 mini. You can choose a movie from the Videos application or choose a series from Netflix, YouTube or any other application to play videos. When you play, you will watch the video on high definition television. On the iPhone 12/12 mini you will see a screen that says Connected TV.

Now go to ‘Control Center’, swipe left and choose 'Video output' to enable specific content from your iPhone to your TV, as we will explain below. Read on to find out more ways to connect iPhone 12/12 mini to the TV.

4. How to connect your iPhone 12/12 mini to a TV via Air Play

Another way to enjoy the content of your iPhone 12/12 mini on your TV is to use Apple TV and watch video in streaming through AirPlay. To do this, connect Apple TV to the TV with an HDMI cable, then connect Apple TV to the wireless network.

Choose the appropriate settings for your TV so that the Apple TV menu screen appears on the TV screen. Also make sure your smartphone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV.

  1. Play a video (using the Video app, YouTube, Safari, etc.).
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to view the ‘Control Center’. On iPad you will have to keep scrolling until recent apps and the control center appear (on the right).
  3. You have to tap on the option “Screen Mirroring”, then select "Apple TV". In iOS 10 select “AirPlay”, then “Apple TV”. You may have to swipe left to access the second page.
  4. Tap on the outside of the "Control Center" to exit and touch "Play" to continue watching the movie.
  5. Look for the icon ‘AirPlay’ in your applications.

While the video is playing, tap the AirPlay icon and choose Apple TV to start streaming video.

5. How to cast iPhone 12/12 mini screen by mirroring

Sometimes it is not possible to stream a video from an application or website to the TV. AirPlay compatibility isn't for everyone. In this case, you might be interested in the mirroring option. This way you can “Broadcast” everything that happens on the screen of your iPhone 12/12 mini on the TV screen.

This is another way to connect iPhone 12/12 mini to the TV. You simply have to swipe up on the ‘Control Center’, select the option ‘AirPlay’ and then ‘AppleTV’.

How to watch videos and photos from your iPhone or iPad on your TV

 view photos and videos of your iPhone 12/12 mini on your TV:

  1. Open the application "Photo Gallery" and select the button "Share". Choose the photos you want to see by tapping each one until a blue circle with a white arrow appears.
  2. Now select ‘AirPlay’ from the pop-up menu that will appear and choose 'Apple TV'. Your photos will be visible on your TV. To change the photo that appears, simply swipe left or right.

How to reproduce a photographic presentation

You can also set your photos to automatically appear as a slideshow. To do this:

  1. Reopen the menu 'Share', select the photos you want to see (as in the previous step), but this time press on 'Presentation' .
  2. You can see a menu with different options. Choose again 'Apple TV' . Touch "Transitions" to customize the appearance of the presentation.
  3. If you want to accompany the slideshow with music, swipe right. Then select the option "Music" and choose the songs you would like to play as you progress through the presentation.
  4. To finish you just have to touch ‘Slide show’ to start playing it on your TV.

To play the music stored on your iPhone, choose the song, album or playlist you want to listen to, swipe up to show the control center again, select "AirPlay" and then "Apple TV". Your favorite songs will be played on your TV.

These are the different ways to connect iPhone 12/12 mini to the TV. And now… enjoy all the content of your iPhone on the comfortable and large screen of your TV!

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