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    How to connect Chromecast to devices without HDMI input

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    I am often asked if it is possible to use Chromecast with devices that do not have an HDMI input. They are people who have a somewhat old TV, monitor or projector and don't want to change them just because they don't have a high definition video connector.

    The answer is that you can use Chromecast on many devices without HDMI, you just need to find the corresponding signal adapter. The main drawback is that the image quality is not optimal, although the result is satisfactory.

    Let's see what the options are.

    Please note: The prices indicated are those that were at the time of writing and may vary in the future according to the seller's criteria.

    How to connect Chromecast to devices without HDMI input

    1. HDMI to VGA adapter

    Many video-out devices have a VGA-type input: computer monitor, multimedia projector, and probably some old TV. If this is your case, you only need to buy a female VicTsing HDMI-VGA adapter for around 12 euros.

    This adapter is small and lightweight and does not need external power to work (it uses the HDMI port). An audio cable with minijack connectors is also supplied in the package to be able to listen to the sound.

    Note that you need a VGA cable not included to be able to connect it to your TV, monitor or multimedia projector.

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    2. HDMI to RCA (composite video) adapter

    If your TV doesn't have HDMI or VGA it will most likely have a composite video input with RCA connectors. You will easily recognize them because they are three round connectors in yellow, white and red.

    In the yellow connector passes the video signal while in the other two the audio signal (left and right channel). The adapter you need is Mondpalast HDMI signal converter for AV Rca -NTSC / PAL analog video. Its price is 24,99 euros. It is more expensive than the HDMI to VGA adapter, but much cheaper than buying a new TV.

    This adapter has a USB cable for power but it seems like you don't need to use it as it only works well with power from the same HDMI port.

    I haven't tried this adapter, but several people on Twitter have confirmed that it works flawlessly with Chromecast. Also, I link the product to Amazon among other reasons, because if there is any problem you can return it at no cost.

    Here you also have to keep in mind that the RCA cable is not included. You can buy the Hama 043134 - 3RCA M-3RCA M video cable, 2m for 6,54 euros.

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    3. HDMI to Euroconnector (SCART) adapter

    Oddly, some people have a TV that doesn't have HDMI, VGA, or RCA. No problem as long as you have a Euroconnector, also known as a SCART connector. The problem here is that the price is even higher than the HDMI to RCA adapter. The price of Premium HDMI to Scart Converter, HDMI to Scart ADPT - wikson electronics is 45,99 euros.

    If you stop to think, you will spend more money on the signal adapter than on the Chromecast. Again we must bear in mind that buying a Smart TV would involve a much larger outlay.

    In this case, I haven't tried it or someone told me they used it but more than one person asked me. After looking for different options, this model seemed the most reasonable in terms of price and performance. According to the manufacturer's specifications, this adapter supports input resolutions up to 1080p.

    But keep in mind that the image quality will definitely be worse than other adapters.

    One of the product reviews on Amazon reads as follows:

    I bought it to be able to use the Chromecast on a TV with no HDMI input, with an old cathode ray tube. It works perfectly!

    Then let us know in the comments box if this article was useful to you and even if something is not clear to you!

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