How to complete the Trial of Fire in Darksiders 2

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Darksiders 2 - Trial by Fire Guide [Is there anyone else?]


Continuing the story of Darksiders 2 unlocks the ability to access the Proof of Fire, an arena where you can fight different waves of enemies to get prizes and rewards from time to time.

How to complete the Trial of Fire in Darksiders 2

In this guide we will see in detail how the Trial by Fire works and we will try to provide help to overcome the 100 waves that make it up.
Ready to burn in hell ???? BUAAWAWAAWAWAWAAAAAA!

How to access the Trial by Fire
First of all, remember that to access the Crucible (the arena where the Trial by Fire takes place) you need to insert the pass that is in the game package (it should be on the back of the manual). If you have purchased a used copy of the game, you can download the pass from the Marketplace or PSN.

After starting the game, you can enter the Trial by Fire for the first time after completing the first area. In particular, the different waves are unlocked in this way:

Waves 1-25: Defeat the final boss of Forge Worlds
Waves 26-50: Defeat the final boss of Land of the Dead
Waves 51-75: Defeat the final boss of Black Stone
Waves 76-100: Reach Level 25


Trial by Fire rewards and rewards
As you progress through the test, rewards of different types will be unlocked every 5 waves. Waves 25, 50, 75 and 100 give extra bonuses.


Wave 101
In addition to the 100 basic waves that we are called to overcome to unlock the achievement / trophy Is there anyone else? - Complete The Trial by Fire
there is also a 101st wave that only unlocks if you complete the 100 waves, from the first to the last, in a single game session. In wave 101 we will face K. the Evil. If you have a hard time beating him, watch this video for help on the best strategy to use.


Tips for completing the 101 waves
Obviously there is no method that can be valid for everyone. Surely it is better to have a good weapon, (especially if you aim to complete everything in a single session in order to also unlock wave 101) and have a character of at least equal to 25 level). 

The best possible strategy is to make the most of the life-sucking ability of enemies. Considering that its effectiveness depends on the damage inflicted on enemies, you should do everything possible to increase this stat as well, so focus on Critical Damage and Critical Chance and make sure you have them as high as possible. To understand what I'm talking about, watch this video which shows how easily the guy manages to get to and overcome wave # 100.

Below you can see some sample videos where all the waves are overcome. If you are stuck at some particular point, use them to copy the strategy used to win.

Wave guide 1 - 25

Wave guide 26 - 50

Wave Guide 51 - 75 (1st try)


Wave Guide 51 - 75 (2st try)

Wave guide 76 - 100


The rewards for completing the 100 wave

Abyssal Spaulders
Level: 20
Defense: 170
Critical Chance: 7%
Power: 52
Arcane: 52

Assassin Talisman
Level: 26
Ranged Damage Modification: 9%

Level: 30
Damage: 713-821
Power: 106
Wrath per hit: 767 (!!!)

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