How to collect the letters and solve the mystery

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GTA 5: Leonora Johnson Mystery Guide [360-PS3]


solve the mystery of Leonora Johnson in GTA 5 all you have to do is collect other collectibles scattered around the game map. After having seen where to find all the pieces of the spaceship, we then go in search of Leonora's letters.

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The letters to be collected are 50 in total and you will need both to unlock the result "A solved Mystery: Solve the mystery of Leonora Johnson "who to complete the game 100%.

How to collect the letters and solve the mystery

First of all, I recommend that you reveal all (or almost all) of the map so that you can precisely set the waypoint of the various places where you will have to go. A helicopter will come in handy to do this, and above all it will be essential to recover one of the 50 letters. (in the list of GTA 5 cheats you will find a couple that are used to make helicopters appear, but later in the game you will have several).

I also recommend trying to find all the letters in one session, if you collect in bulk it will be more difficult to follow the video by keeping track of those you have already collected and those you are missing.

Here is the video with the location of all the letters


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