How to check if your password is secure using Google Password Checkup

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Do you need to check if the password is secure? Let's see how to do with Google Password Checkup. Security is very important in the virtual world, use a good password and, if possible, unique, it is essential to protect our integrity. That's why you might be interested in knowing how to check if your password is secure using Google Password Checkup.

Fraud andhacking si have evolved, becoming a real danger on the internet, so you may have been compromised at some point. There are a few ways to protect yourself from this, like with Google Password Checkup, a tool you will learn to use today.

What is Password Checkup and why is it useful?

Google is one of the largest companies in the world, undoubtedly one of the most relevant on the Internet. Many pages we use every day belong to Google, we also use various company software through tools such as the browser and extensions, as in the case of Password Checkup.

Gradually the Password Checkup extension has become relatively known to those people who constantly use their computer to log in to Web sites different. The reason is that it can be very useful protect the our safety.

What is Google Password Checkup?

Google Chrome is the browser Internet Most used today, most people use the browser and usually enter data such as passwords. The company is reliable and offers some services safety very interesting.

Password Checkup is one such service, designed solely to protect the integrity and security of Google users. L'application precisely analyzes our passwords to check if they are safe or if they need to be changed.

The extension works analyzing the information from various huge databases to protect the integrity of users' passwords. If the extension detects something strange or vulnerable in your password, it will tell you, helping you to improve the safety of Internet.

How to check if your password is secure using Google Password Checkup

A browser is required to use Password Checkup Chromeotherwise you will not be able to use this very useful extension. Without further ado, if you want to learn how to use the extension, just follow these steps.

  1. The first step is to simply download the extension, for this you need to go to the Chrome Web Store. Once inside the page, look for Password Checkup and press Enter.
  2. The search results will appear on the screen, the first that appears is exactly the extension. You will recognize her because under her name there will be the text «Offered by:«
  3. To install it, just press the button Add to Chrome. After clicking the button to add the extension to the browser, a confirmation window will appear on the screen, click Add extension.
  4. After the previous process you will have successfully installed theapplication Password Checkup.

How it works

The use of the application is a lot simple and intuitive, in fact you don't have to do too much to start it. The extension will detect when you enter a password, if the password is insecure, on the screen a notice indicating why the password is not appropriate.

To reach this conclusion, Google analyzes the databases of leaked information, anonymously comparing the your password with these databases. If a warning appears on the screen, it is recommended that you permanently change your password.

Using this application will render your data and other information completely protected. Use this extension to increase security while browsing the Internet. Let me know if the tutorial how to check if your password is safe using Google Password Checkup was useful to you in the comments box below. We wrote for you: how to see how many devices are connected to WiFi.

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