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Netflix is ​​a video streaming service where millions of people enjoy watching a huge assortment of movies, documentaries and TV shows. No more waiting for DVD prints. With a Netflix account, you can download your favorite movies and shows to your device and view them at your leisure. The content catalog varies from country to country.

If you can't log into your Netflix account or can't remember it, you can try resetting your Netflix account login and password. We offer you a perfect guide that will help you change passwords on Netflix. Read below to find out more.

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How to change the password on Netflix (mobile and desktop)

Change password using the Netflix mobile app

1. Open the application Netflix on your mobile.

2. Now tap the icon image of Profile visible in the upper right corner.

3. Here, scroll down the screen Profiles and more and touch Account as shown below.

4. theaccount Netflix will open in a web browser. Now touch Change Password as shown.

5. Type the current password, the new password (6-60 characters) e confirm the new password in the respective fields as shown below.

6. Check the box Request all devices to log in again with a new password.

Final report: this will disconnect you from your Netflix account from all devices that were using it. This is optional, but we recommend that you do so to ensure account security.

7. Finally, tap Save.

The Netflix account login password has been updated and you can return to streaming.

Change password on Netflix using web browser

1. Click this link and log in to yours account Netflix using your login credentials.

2. Now, click on the image of yours Profile and select Account as shown here.

3. The page will be displayed Account. Here, you choose Change Password as shown highlighted.

4. Type the current password, the new password (6-60 characters) e confirm the new password in their respective fields. Refer to the photo given.

5. Check the box; ask to all devices to log in again with the new password if you want to disconnect from all associated devices.

6. Finally, click Save.

You have now successfully changed your Netflix account password.

How to change the password on Netflix if you can't log in to your Netflix account

If you are having trouble logging into your Netflix account, you can reset your password using your registered email ID or mobile number.

If you don't remember which email ID or mobile number you signed up with, you can reset your password using your billing information.

Method 1: change the password on Netflix by email

1. Go to this link here.

2. Here, choose the option Email as shown.

3. Type your email ID in the box and select the option Send me an e - email.

4. You will now receive an email containing a link to log into your Netflix account.

Final report: the reset link is only valid for 24 hours.

5. Follow the instructions provided and create one new password. Your new password and your old password cannot be the same. Try a different and unique combination that you won't easily forget.

Method 2: Change your Netflix password via SMS

You can only follow this method if you have registered your Netflix account with your phone number:

1. As mentioned in the method above, go to

2. Now, select the option Text message (SMS) as shown.

3. Type yours telephone number in the designated field.

4. Finally, select Send me an SMS as illustrated above.

5. A will be sent verification code to the registered mobile number. Use the code and log into your Netflix account.

Final report: the verification code becomes invalid after 20 minutes.

Method 3: recover your Netflix account using your billing information

If you are unsure of your email ID and password, you can recover your Netflix account with this method. The steps below are only applicable if Netflix charges your bill directly and not any third party app:

1. Go to on your browser.

2. Select I don't remember my email address or phone number displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Final report: if you don't see the option, therestore option does not apply to your region.

3. Enter the name, surname and credit / debit card number in their respective fields.

4. Finally, click Find account.

Your Netflix account will now be recovered and you can change your username or password or other information to avoid such problems in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What to do if my reset link has expired?

If you are unable to access the reset link received in your inbox, you can send another email from

Q2. What if you don't get mail?

1. Make sure you haven't received your mail. Check in the folder Spampromotions. Also access all mail and  basket.

2. If you do not find the email with the reset link, please add [email protected] to your email contact list and resend an email following the link.

3. If all of the above methods don't work, there may be a problem with your email provider. In this case, wait a few hours and try again later.

Q3. What to do if the connection doesn't work?

1. First, remove password reset emails from Incoming mail.

2. Once done, go to on your browser. You will be logged out of your Netflix account and redirected to home page.

3. Now, click on

4. Here, select Email and enter your email address.

5. Click on the option Email me and go to your inbox for the new recovery link.

If you still don't receive the reset link, follow the same steps on a other computer or cell phone.

We hope this guide was useful to you and that you were able to change your password on Netflix. If you have any questions / comments about this article, feel free to post them in the comments section.

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