How to change the gender of the character

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Dark Souls 2: how to change gender at any time


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How to change the gender of the character

The mistake can happen to everyone, who, after all, at least once in their life has not wished to be of the opposite sex to their own?

The crime can also happen in Dark Souls 2, after starting the game, after completing the creation of your alter-dead-ego, realizing that you want a male character after having created him of female sex or, on the contrary, that you want a beautiful one. female after creating a muscular hunk.

Unlike many other RPGs, in Dark Souls 2 it is possible to change the gender of your character even after completing the editor and starting to play. To do this, just slip into the coffin located in the initial area of ​​the game. Stay in the oven for a couple of seconds and voilà, the mutation is done.

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Here is now a video showing how to change sex

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