How to change the character's face in Skyrim Dawnguard

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Skyrim Dawnguard - How to change the character's face [New face, new life]


In games like Skyrim the character represents the hub of the gaming experience and most gamers spend a lot of time modeling the face of the type (or girl) they will carry around the lands of Tamriel.

It will also be for this reason that the lords of Betsheda have exploited the DLC Dawnguard of Skyrim (just released here) to give gamers tired of the appearance of their alter ego the opportunity to change the character's face.

How to change the character's face in Skyrim Dawnguard

To change the face of your PC proceed as follows:

  • Talk to an innkeeper in any tavern to hear the voices of a strange character who can change people's faces.
  • Obviously this is not a legend, this feature is ONLY available in the Dawnguard DLC. This person is in Riften, in the underground tunnels under the city called Ratway.
  • Travel to the thieves' guild headquarters called Flaggon Ragged, a tavern located in the Ratway.
  • Inside the tavern, look for a guy named Galathil. Talk to him, and you'll eventually agree to change your face.
  • The operation will not be free, but it will cost you 1000 gold.

Note: You will only have the ability to change the face, nothing else. It is not possible to change race or sex. Also remember that vampires cannot change their faces!

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