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How to change SIM without losing contacts. Change phones without losing contacts is a major concern when buying a new mobile device. Precisely for this reason a few days ago, we wrote an article about how to backup contacts and how to restore them

Until a few years ago, contacts were stored on the SIM, and when the available KBs ran out, we didn't know how to keep in touch with us, so we used the mini address book that we always carried in our wallet.

Today times have changed, today it is possible change SIM without losing contacts, how? We'll tell you soon. We currently have many other tools at our disposal for change SIM without losing contacts stored on our phone.

Google remains the best way to always have all your contacts available, regardless of which device you access. Contacts do not normally worry us until we decide to change cell phones or we need to change SIMs. 

How to change phones without losing contacts? We can solve the problem by using a tool to transfer data or export contacts to the new terminal.

The problem is that if we put them back in the phone memory, when we change our phone again we are very likely to have the same problem again. 

However, if we store the contacts in a place accessible from any device, we get a permanent solution. That place is our Google account.

Once we have saved our contacts on our Google account, the same will be available on all devices connected to that account, even if we change SIM.

Switch all contacts to the Google Contacts application

And how do I switch all contacts to Google account? The answer will depend on where you stored them, but you can in generally merge them all from the Google Contacts app, both on your mobile and on the desktop version.

If you access Contacts from your computer with your Google account, you will see the Import option in the left panel. Clicking on it will open several options for import contacts from various mail services and also from CSV or vCard files.

If you perform the procedure from your mobile phone, first download the Google Contacts app (if you don't already have it installed) and go to Settings to access the Import option. Again, here you can import contacts from different sources such as the SIM card, a .vcf file or the phone itself. This remains one of the best methods for change SIM without losing contacts.

Merge duplicate contacts

It is possible that in the process of importing all your contacts there are some that appear several times, either because you have had them in different services or because on one side there is the telephone and on the other the mail. To avoid chaos, there is an option for merge duplicate contacts.

Enough enter the web version of Google Contacts and look for the Duplicates option in the side panel. If it detects multiple repeating entries, it will offer suggestions for merging them into one contact.

Sign in with your Google account

Once you've gone through all your contacts to Google Contacts, having them on any device is as simple as log in with the same account. By default, contact syncing is enabled by default, you just have to wait for all your contacts to sync.

As we said at the beginning, this method is useful when we are buying a new Android phone or if it is an iOS device since Google account support is available on both platforms. Furthermore, as we have seen, it can also be accessed from your computer.

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