How to become a good helicopter pilot

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Battlefield 4: how to fly helicopters and get strong


The basics of learning to fly helicopters without rolling over after 30 seconds of flight in Battlefield 4.

How to become a good helicopter pilot

There is no doubt, the first time you put your hand on any helicopter the first thing you saw immediately after the take-off is the ground that inexplicably got closer and closer, and more, and even more, may -day ... may-day ... KABOOOOM !!!!

Okay, piloting Battlefield 4 helicopters isn't easy, and if getting up high and doing a few laps may seem like child's play, staying alive with different types of rockets pointing your butt is another story altogether. So let's try to fix the basics for a clean and effective flight with helicopters in Battlefield 4, it will be useful for those who are beginners, but even veterans may find some tips to experiment on the field.

Practice, practice, practice: on maps it is better

The first piece of advice is to abuse the polygon abundantly. If you are looking to learn directly in online games with thirty or so enemies who can't wait to get a kick out of you, you won't go far. Even better, know that there is an easy and easy way to use the vehicles directly in the multiplayer maps, in order to become familiar with the obstacles present in each map. Go to "Multiplayer", then to "Browser server" and start scrolling the list, down down and down again. Among the various information on the servers you will also see the number of players present (eg 58/64). The further down you go in the list, the more empty the games will be, until you get to the bottom of the list where you will find those with no or only one player. Enter (obviously choose a mode that has the means as a great conquest) and you will be free to wander around the map undisturbed and practice with the helicopters, the game will not start until the minimum required number of players is reached.

Avoid the enemy missiles and learn how to hit the target

Before attacking, the priority must be to keep your vehicle in one piece. Practice flying low by practicing lots of turns. In fact, when flying close to the ground, obstacles such as hills, hills or buildings will make it much more difficult for your enemies to aim and engage with lasers. However, you will have to learn to avoid them easily, because obstacles can easily transform from a cover to a wall on which you go to crash and die. Not only that, flying low when your helicopter is damaged you can easily land (perhaps in areas where the infantry cannot reach) and give a quick repair to your vehicle with the torch of the engineer class.

Obviously you will not always be able to stay low to the ground like hens who cannot fly, because to serve a bit of lead to the enemies on the ground you will necessarily have to take altitude. Then practice hitting the targets with the machine gun of the scout helicopter or with the rockets of the attack helicopter. Pick a destroyed car, a building, a light pole or whatever, and force yourself to focus your fire on it, after passing it make turns to hit again. Repeat these exercises for dozens of times, when you are in the game the enemies will move and it will therefore be more complicated to send the hits, and you will also be attacked from multiple directions. This is why it is important to be relentless because you will not always have a second chance.

While at a height, another way to avoid enemy attacks when you feel they are trying to lock onto you is to climb even higher, so that you are out of range of the rocket launchers. Obviously this may not always succeed, so always be alert and ready to use countermeasures to get rid of enemy missiles. After doing this, the ideal would be to go down and hide (or climb as high as possible) waiting for the countermeasures to reload, then return to attack.

Shoot down the other helicopters

These are good strategies to protect yourself from attacks by infantry and land vehicles, but always remember that the sky holds the most fearsome enemies for you: the other helicopters or planes. When there are other helicopters around your priority must be to take them out, a combined attack between them and ground infantry equates to a death sentence for you. Remember that by holding the aim button and moving the right stick, you can move the camera by simulating the movement of the pilot's head. This will be very useful especially when you want to see where exactly the enemy helicopter is, better than the mini-map can help you. In the clash with the other helicopters, use the homing missiles first. Hook up, wait a few seconds (if it is chicken it will immediately waste the countermeasures) then unload the two missiles, continue to follow it and while you wait for the missiles to reload try to finish it with the machine gun of the scout helicopter or with the rockets of the attack helicopter . When you engage in a fight with another helicopter it will always end with one dead: him or you. This is why attacking first is always recommended, many times the duel is won by whoever unloads all available ammunition first. This does not mean that you have to go around shooting unnecessarily, shoot first but shoot even when you are confident enough to hit the target.

How to become the strongest

With the Scout Helicopter, if you have friends who are willing to cooperate, you can become truly invincible. This helicopter can take 3 more passengers with you. If they choose the engineer class and equip the repair tool and the Sa-18 IGLA anti-aircraft rocket launcher your little helicopter will become a flying fortress. Those piloting the helicopter will have anti-aircraft missiles plus the machine gun at their disposal, while passengers will be able to use rocket launchers to lock onto and hit other planes by firing while they are comfortably in the helicopter. Not enough, when you are hit the passengers will be able to quickly switch to the repair tool and repair the helicopter in flight. With a little practice and collaboration, no one will be able to stop you and you will score thousands of points in one fell swoop.

With that is all. Hoping it will serve you somehow to become ruthless eagles, I invite veterans to add more tips using the comments below.

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