How to beat the Infiltrator

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Guide / Solution to beat the Infiltrator in Lords of the Fallen [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


Let's fix all the bad guys from Lords of the Fallen: Infiltrator, you've been named.

How to beat the Infiltrator


  • This boss often uses a 3 hit attack, with 2 horizontal slashes followed shortly by a vertical one. If your equipment is light enough for you to do this, approach it to take it to perform this combo, jump back to avoid the first two hits and then dodge left or right to avoid the third, then jump forward to hit it.
  • When his life is about halfway through, watch out for his leg attack. It is a fairly simple attack to predict and, if you are not too heavy, also easy to avoid.
  • Watch out for the creatures the boss will summon during the fight. Take them out as soon as possible so that they do not become a problem for you and above all that they restore their energy.
  • Avoid the central area and the perimeter of the arena, as the highlighted areas will absorb your magic. Pay attention to the blue circles that appear and move from your current position when they appear.

These are the crucial points of the fight to be carefully considered. Below you can see a couple of videos that show how to defeat the Infiltrator, look and treasure it. In the guide to the legendary weapons of Lords of the Fallen you can also see what you have to do against this boss to get a special weapon as a reward for killing him.

For the clashes with the other bosses and all the guides on this game do not forget to consult the cheats and guides tab of Lords of the Fallen. Good luck

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