How to beat the Guardian

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Guide / Solution to beat the "Guardian" of Lords of the Fallen [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


Let's fix all the bad guys in Lords of the Fallen: let's kill the Guardian.

How to beat the Guardian


  • When the battle begins you will see some fire points on the enemy, immediately after you will be targeted by fire shots. If you are wearing light armor to dodge, just run around the arena. With medium armor, dodge the first one, then start running. If you are wearing heavy armor you will have to keep dodging instead.
  • It is possible to overturn the goblets scattered around the arena to stop the shots, but the Guardian will return to light them, so take the opportunity to land a few shots. The important thing is not to get too close to the cups to avoid taking damage.
  • In close combat, the Guardian will make use of a double hit combo with two horizontal slashes. It can be very difficult to avoid the second attack if you don't dodge the first, and if you don't have powerful equipment this can even mean death.
  • Stay behind when you see the Guardian putting his swords to the floor: it means that a good kick is about to start, followed by more attacks with the swords, always make sure to block or dodge these powerful blows.

These are the crucial points of the fight to be carefully considered. Below you can see a couple of videos showing how to defeat the Guardian, watch and treasure it. In the guide to the legendary weapons of Lords of the Fallen you can also see what you have to do against this boss to get a special weapon as a reward for killing him.

For the clashes with the other bosses and all the guides on this game do not forget to consult the cheats and guides tab of Lords of the Fallen. Good luck

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