How to beat the Champion

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Guide / Solution to beat the "Champion" in Lords of the Fallen [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


Let's fix all the bad guys from Lords of the Fallen: let's put the Champion back in its place.

How to beat the Champion


  • Using fire attacks against the Champion will make his "Fury" bar fill faster, a truly deadly boss state that will activate even when life reaches certain levels. The advice is therefore to keep the character agile enough by choosing the equipment properly, stay away from his melee attacks and sink to hit when he misses his shots.
  • In the early stages he will use a two-hit combo from time to time accompanied by a very powerful slash. After he makes these kinds of attacks, sink to hit him quickly, but be careful not to get carried away, be patient.
  • If you see him leap back, be ready for a powerful attack, this is where you will need the light armor to be able to dodge without problems.
  • In the final phase of the fight he will attack with quick bursts of slashing. Parry the first shot and get ready for the second that will come immediately. If you are fighting at close range, expect the combo to reach as much as 3 hits. In this fight, patience will be essential.

These are the crucial points of the fight to be carefully considered. Below you can see a couple of videos that show how to defeat the Champion, look and treasure it. In the guide to the legendary weapons of Lords of the Fallen you can also see what you have to do against this boss to get a special weapon as a reward for killing him.

For the clashes with the other bosses and all the guides on this game do not forget to consult the cheats and guides tab of Lords of the Fallen. Good luck

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