How to beat the Beast

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Guide / Solution to beat the "Beast" of Lords of the Fallen [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


Let's fix all the bad guys in Lords of the Fallen: it's the Beast's turn.

How to beat the Beast


  • always keep an eye on the bar below the Beast's life bar. This gauge is about boss fatigue, it charges with the damage taken and when full the Beast will collapse, giving you a great opportunity to attack, enough to consume all your stamina.
  • the main advice is to always try to keep a certain distance from your opponent (except when the boss ends up on the ground). In fact, in this fight it is better to avoid close combat, at this distance the beast
    makes use of different attacks, such as a two-hit combo and a vertical slash, or the foot attack. For this reason it is better to prefer the Glove and use it extensively, it will also be slower, but from a distance you will be protected from many dangers.

These are the crucial points of the fight to be carefully considered. Below you can see a couple of videos that show how to defeat the Beast, look and treasure it. In the guide to the legendary weapons of Lords of the Fallen you can also see what you have to do against this boss to get a special weapon as a reward for killing him.

For the clashes with the other bosses and all the guides on this game do not forget to consult the cheats and guides tab of Lords of the Fallen. Good luck

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