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Are you here because you want to know how to apply text formatting in Discord? Well, read on. Discord allows you to chat based on text and audio between players and other like-minded people. If you want to have a bigger impact on Discord, you can use formatting to spice up your text messages. That's how.

Like other online chat platforms, Discord uses some Markdown syntax elements for text formatting. If you're familiar with Markdown, this process should be straightforward.

How to apply text formatting in Discord

Using Markdown syntax, you can easily apply bold, italic, underline or strikethrough formatting to Discord messages. You can also combine these formatting options, allowing you to send messages that use all but strikethrough formatting if you wish.

These formatting options apply to messages sent on Discord, Windows 10, and Mac web apps, as well as via mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

1. How to italicize in Discord

If you want to add italics in Discord, insert a single asterisk (*) at the beginning and end of the message. Formatting will not appear until the message is sent.

For example, "* This message is in italics *" will display as "This message is in italics" when sent.

2. How to write bold in Discord

To apply bold formatting to Discord messages, add two asterisks (**) to the beginning and end of the message before sending it.

For example, "** This message is bold **" would result in a message that displays as " This message is in bold ".

3. How to underline the text in Discord

You can underline text in Discord as a way to add subtle prominence to messages, as an alternative to bold or italic.

If you want to do this, you will need to add two underscores (__) at the beginning and end of your Discord message. A message stating "__This text is underlined__" appears as "This text is underlined".

4. How to strike out text in Discord

Strikethrough text can be used to strike out text. You can do this to emphasize a part of a message that has been deleted without actually deleting the message. To add strikethrough in Discord, use two tildes (~~) at both ends of the message.

For example, "~~ This message has strikethrough formatting applied ~~" appears as "This message has strikethrough formatting applied".

5. Combination of text formatting options

You can combine bold, italic, and underline text formatting in a single Discord message. However, they cannot be combined with strikethrough formatting.

To create bold and italicized text messages, you can use three asterisks instead of one or two. For example, "*** This text has bold and italics applied ***" appears as " This text has bold and italics applied ” su Discord.

To send a message with bold, italic, and underline text formatting applied, you'll need to use Discord formatting for all three options in the message.

Sending a message like "*** __ This message has all the formatting __ ***" would result in a message that looks like " This message has all the formatting ” su Discord.

6. Adding blocks of code to Discord messages

Code blocks can be a good way to send messages with no formatting applied. As the name suggests, this feature is especially useful if you're collaborating on a project and need to share code snippets with other users on your Discord channel.

They are also useful if you want to send messages that contain elements such as asterisks or underscores that Discord would otherwise recognize as Markdown formatting.

To send a message using a Discord code block, add backticks (also known as grave accents) at the beginning and end of your messages.

You can do this on a single line or on multiple lines to create blocks of code on multiple lines. For single-line code blocks, start the message with a single backtick (`). For multiline code blocks, use three backticks (“`).

Apply text formatting in Discord, conclusion

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