How to always win at the 3 glasses game

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Tricks to always win at the 3 glasses of Watch Dogs [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


In the bowls game, Ubisoft developers thought like real hackers, seeing is believing.

How to always win at the 3 glasses game

You have probably already noticed them: scattered around the streets of Chicago are the classic jugglers who do the game of 3 glasses. In practice, a ball is hidden under one of the bowls, the juggler moves them quickly and, when he stops, whoever participates in the game must guess under which glass the ball is located.

There are 9 tables throughout the city, each with increasing difficulty levels with the potential to earn more and more money. As you can see from the video below, however, the developers have made a huge oversight, which allows you to always guess 100% (because you practically see it) where the ball is.

If you have to do it, do it now as it will undoubtedly be patched. Watch the video and then run to the guide with the other tricks to earn easy money in Watch Dogs.

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