How to activate Windows 8.1 with KMSPico

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The official Windows 8.1 update was released a few days ago, but the isos of the Windows 8 update were leaked online as early as August. In the meantime, many hackers have been able to think of a solution to be able to illegally activate Microsoft's new operating system and I would say that they have succeeded.

NB The guide we are about to explain is for demonstration purposes only, because it is completely illegal, and anyone who decides to follow it would be a criminal offense. Also note that no files are hosted on our server and you will be redirected to the developer's official page.

The first step, of course, is to have Windows 8.1 installed and you have not tried to heal in any way with the other "Loader" phantoms. In any case, KMSPico, at the moment, seems to be the only really working solution to activate Windows 8.1, even if not permanently.

Assuming that you have already installed Windows 8.1 on your computer, it is necessary that no other activation has been attempted, as some files that will replace may have already been "modified"  KmsPico.  In any case, the first step is to download the executable that you can find in this link. (password:  2013)

After downloading the file, you will need to extract and open the executable file  KMSpico_setup.  This will start the installation of activator which will begin in a few seconds will open a window in which you can perform the operations we need.

First, back up your original Windows (the icon with a green figure down). Once this is done, we just have to press the red button and wait, with the disturbing voices in the background, for the activation confirmation.

Note that  KMSPick  Using online servers for activation is not a 100% viable solution because there are cases where the servers used by the software are offline and, consequently, activation is not possible until the server is reactivated.

In any case, these situations are normally  reset  in a few hours and by making a few more attempts you will be able to activate Windows. The software described here also allows the activation of  Office 2013  under the same conditions with which they activate Windows 8.1.

June 2016 - I updated the link of KMSPico. I have entered the new version. Let me know if it works. Thank you!

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