How to activate Ok Google on Android and some useful voice commands

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How to activate “Ok Google” on an Android mobile device and some useful voice commands. L'integration of voice commands with our mobile devices has grown and improved over the years. If we talk about Android, currently, the main command is "Ok Google", the "magic words" doing so ops ... saying, the device starts to work with our voice.

We will tell you how to activate Ok Google from any screen and launcher, so you always have this option at your fingertips. Likewise, we'll talk about some of the more useful commands to use on a daily basis, as well as some useful wizard settings.

Why is the Google Assistant not working on my phone

How to activate Ok Google on an Android mobile device

A few years ago, before the arrival of Android 5.0 Lollipop, turning on “Ok Google” by default only worked on the Google Now Launcher home screen. Currently, the application settings have changed.

  • Let's open the app Google on our Android smartphone to activate Ok Google on Android.
  • Let's look at the bottom right of the menu Other.
  • Finally we go to the Settings.
  • In this tab we select the menu Voice.
  • Now you have to click on Voice Match and activate the button next to the item Log in with Voice Match.

The system will ask us to record our voice, so that we can only unlock the commands when we ask for it. We then press on NEXT, Then Accept and finally we record the activation commands when requested, speaking close to the phone's microphone.

Activating “Ok Google” allows us to summon the Google Assistant with the screen locked, as well as to do so from any application we are currently using.

Therefore, it doesn't matter if you are using a launcher other than Google or in any application, saying “Ok Google” will activate the Assistant and you can start asking for what you need.

If you've never set up Voice Match, you will be asked to record your voice three times saying “Ok Google”. This is Google's method of creating your voice pattern and recognizing you when you talk to it.

From this section of Voice Match you can delete the voice model you created and add a new one. Why is it important that the model is accurate? Because the phone integrates the Assistant with Android Auto and Google Maps. That way, even if you're driving and using these Google apps, the command will work the same way.

How to make "Ok Google" work offline

When you activate “Ok Google” with your mobile phone connected to the Internet, the Assistant will use the Google search and database to show you the results. However, if you want to add reminders, events, and other features that don't require a network connection, is to activate Ok Google on Android by configuring the results offline.

We can use the Google Assistant offline using “Ok Google” and the previous language pack download. It is more limited, but still functional.

This is done from the voice menu, which we have already accessed to set up Voice Match. We just have to click on Offline Speech Recognition and download the languages ​​we want the Assistant to work in. In offline mode everything will be more limited, but it will continue to work.

“Ok Google” commands: what you can tell the Assistant

One of the main benefits of Google Assistant is the naturalness with which he understands human language. While we have to be precise in giving orders, it is not necessary to be too rigid with the language to understand what we mean.

We will leave you some commands you can tell the Assistant, related to Google account management, device alarms, reminders, and so on. For example, if we want to configure the device settings without having to manually switch to the terminal settings, we can use these commands.

  • Open the Google account settings
  • Show my Google search history
  • Change my Google privacy settings
  • Change your Google security settings
  • I want you to call me "your name"
  • Turn on WiFi
  • Increase the brightness
  • Open the "X" application.
  • Turn on Bluetooth

Speaking of requests that we usually use every day, we can set alarms, ask them what the weather is like, send messages, ask them for the news of the day, etc. In short, when you say "Ok Google", think you are asking Google to do a search on your mobile. If what you ask is relatively simple, you will have no problem doing it.

  • Add an alarm at 7 am tomorrow morning
  • Wake me up tomorrow at 8
  • Set an alarm in 5 hours
  • Turn off the next alarm
  • What will the weather be like today?
  • What will the weather be like this week?
  • Send a message from Telegram to "mom" (contact name) as you cook ...
  • Add eggs to the shopping list
  • Put an "X Artist" song on Spotify
  • Portami to 'X'

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