How to activate Levolution in the Flooded Area

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Battlefield 4 - Levolution: how to destroy the embankment in the Flooded Zone


We continue with the series of guides dedicated to "Levolution" di Battlefield 4: today we see how to flood the map "Flooded area".

How to activate Levolution in the Flooded Area

In the Flooded Zone map, concrete blocks embank a massive amount of water preventing it from completely submerging part of the area. The structure can be destroyed with explosives, focusing the fire on the cracks in the wall. Be careful though: the wall requires a large amount of damage to take down, so it's best to use the LAV cannon to do it first, provided that other explosives like C4 or rocket launchers are fine too. At some point the dam will start to crack, continue and insist until it collapses.

Destroying the embankment will activate the Levolution transition of this map, filling (even more) the area with water, closing some passages and opening others. After the transition it will be preferable to move using the amphibious vehicles or otherwise stay on the roofs at the top of the map.

Here is a video showing the wall to be destroyed and the map change sequence that activates after destroying the dam.

To find out how to activate the Levolution modification of the other maps, check the tab Battlefield 4 cheats which collects all the guides for this game.

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