How to activate Levolution in Siege of Shanghai

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Battlefield 4 - Levolution: how to collapse the skyscraper in Siege of Shanghai


We continue with the series of guides dedicated to Levolution di Battlefield 4, this time it's up to the map "Siege of Shanghai".

How to activate Levolution in Siege of Shanghai

This Battlefield 4 multiplayer map can also be heavily modified on the playing field. The players can in fact make sure that the very high skyscraper placed in the center of the map comes down crumbling as if it were made with the Kinder Bueno wafer. Collapse the skyscraper it's quite simple: equip yourself with C4, rocket launcher or use a tank to seriously damage the pillars at the base of the building (two shots with the tank gun should be enough).

In the following video you can see how to do it using the C4, but as already mentioned other explosives are fine too. In the video you can also witness the spectacular collapse of the building. Good vision

To find out how to activate the Levolution modification of the other maps, check the tab Battlefield 4 cheats which collects all the guides for this game.

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