How multiplayer hacking works: Total Hacker

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Guida Hacking Online in Watch Dogs [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Let's see how to invade and hack other human players by playing in Watch Dogs online mode

How multiplayer hacking works: Total Hacker

The description of this Trophy / Achievement is as follows: "Invade and successfully hack 10 enemy fixers in an online hack". First of all you need to know that this achievement cannot be unlocked before completing the first half of the "Backseat Driver" mission in Act 1, because it is after this point that this online mode becomes available.

Also remember to turn ON the option of Online Invasions, which places you in the game of other online players while they are playing.

Now we will examine all the phases of hacking, both from the point of view ofHacker to see how other players hack, but also from the point of view of Target, in order to give you some tips on how to behave when being hacked by someone else. Obviously, to unlock the Total Hacker achievement you must be the hacker.

1) Search for the target to hack
Fix it: will display a list with the names of potential targets (they are other players who are playing their campaign). For each one you will see statistics which will generally give you an idea of ​​how difficult it can be to hack that player. These in fact mainly depend on how many times he has managed to foil hacking against him from other players. Choose well if you don't want to look like chickens.
The target: at this stage of course it has not yet entered the game, until it will be chosen ..

2) The invasion begins
Fix it: you will be catapulted into the target's game world and appear like any other human (NPC) in the game. Reach the indicated area immediately (I recommend motorbikes that are fast and even more difficult to locate). Once you reach the waypoint you will have a minute to take a position and then start hacking. The target will not be informed of your presence in any way until you install the backdoor, but remember that you cannot hurt him in any way. Your only goal is to complete the hack.
The target: at this stage the target is still oblivious to everything and will be intent on doing his thing in his game. A watchful eye, however, may notice suspicious behavior, especially if the Fixer fails to conform to the behaviors held by CPU-controlled characters.

3) Installation of the backdoor
Fix it: after the first, the second phase of the hacking begins with a new 1 minute countdown. At this point the target will be informed of the presence of the Fixer and a BLUE area will be highlighted on the map. Escape from the center of this area and try to hide / blend in as best as possible, the Target will already be looking for you with the aim of taking you out. DO NOT leave the BLUE area, otherwise the hacking will stop and you are just wasting your time.
The target: there is someone hacking you and is in the BLUE area highlighted on the map. The percentage of completion of the hack appears on the screen, you have to find it before it is complete. If you have unlocked the "Security Footage Notoriety" skill you will also see the hacker's photo. Start scanning everything with your mobile, you have to find it.

4) Time is running out
Fix it: as you progress with hacking the BLUE area will become more and more restricted, so the chances of being caught by the victim of your hacking will increase, which would be a big problem since he can kill you. If necessary, exit the blue area for a few seconds, but then re-enter immediately because otherwise you will never finish the hacking.
The target: the hacker is forced to stay closer and closer to you. Examine the dark corners, take a good look at the movements of the characters around and pay attention to the stationary cars with someone inside (remember that it is also possible to hide by lowering your head in the car !!!).

5) The showdown
Fix it: do what you can not to get caught, also consider climbing to higher points whenever possible. If the target discovers you you will have to flee avoiding his fury (as already mentioned you cannot kill him). If you manage to reach 100%, you will complete the hack and your opponent will be defeated, otherwise you will have to sow him for a partial victory, if he doesn't kill you first.
The target he will lose if he fails to block the hacker before he reaches 100% hacking. So he will have to bring out his best weapon and take out the opponent as soon as possible. In the event of a car escape, shooting the tires can slow it down.

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