Hotspot check-in guide: Geolocated

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Guida Hotspot di Watch Dogs [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


The Chicago of Watch Dogs offers some beautiful views to admire between a hacking and another, let's see how to find them all.

Hotspot check-in guide: Geolocated

To unlock this trophy / achievement you need to find in total 100 hotspots. These will appear as one square plaque with a "check" above, placed on a wall or on the ground, approach and press the indicated key to check-in. In this way you will have the opportunity to discover interesting details about the place where you are and in general about the city of Chicago.

By unlocking the ctOS antennas and completing enough missions in the story, the location of most of the hotspots will be marked on the map. If you are stuck and can't find any hotspots you are missing, I recommend going to one of Aiden's hiding places, then opening the Hotspots app which will show the location of those in the area, highlighting the hotspots already found. When you see one that's not highlighted, set up your navigator and head to the area to find it. Also remember that with the app you can only select those not visited, this is also important because it can happen that the icons on the map overlap.

I conclude by showing you one of the most difficult hotspots to find, the one on the lighthouse. Don't forget it ...

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