Horizon Zero Dawn - Guide to where to find all Banuk Figurines

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In Horizon: Zero Dawn, the post-apocalyptic open world RPG video game developed by Guerrilla Games, there are also many items to collect. In this guide we will talk about the Banuk figurines.

There are in total 6 Banuk figurines to recover. It will not be difficult to identify the areas where they can be found as they are located in places with colorful murals. They are placed on wooden altars and finding them all will unlock the Trophy "All Banuk Statuettes Found".

You can buy one of the maps showing all their locations from the Merchant of the Hunters' Gathering in exchange for scrap and other materials. As with other collectibles you will use the Concentration skill, which will help you in the research. Once you have all the statues, you can exchange them at the Sundial vendor for 500 metal fragments and some modifications.

Where are all the Banuk Figurines

  • My Claim: Climb to the top of the mountain by climbing on the protruding rocks, jumping on wooden poles and doing the tightrope walker.
  • I Name You: Climb the rocks behind the camp, use holds and ropes to go from one peak to the other.
  • Punishment: once again you will have to climb to the top of the mountain and go from one peak to the other.
  • Mother: this time the route will always be uphill but much shorter because you will find it halfway up the mountain.
  • The Vision: the aspect of these mountains is very suggestive, resembling spiers. Jump from one spire to the other, walk the tightrope and get to the top of one of them.
  • I Cannot Confess: this time instead of climbing you will have to descend along the side of a mountain until you reach the lowest peak.

Below we propose the video to also have visual reference points.

These are all the locations of the 6 Banuk Figurines in Horizon: Zero Dawn. For more information you can read the constantly updated section entirely dedicated to guides.

thanks to PowerPyx for the illustrative video attached at the bottom of the article.

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