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    Horizon Zero Dawn: Guide to the best skills to unlock first [PS4]

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    Horizon Zero Dawn: Guide to the best skills to unlock first [PS4]


    In this guide we see what are the best skills you should unlock in Horizon Zero Dawn right away.

    Don't forget to also check out the complete Horizon Zero Dawn help sheet for other useful guides on this game.

    Horizon Zero Dawn tells the story of Aloy, a heroine in a land that no longer belongs to humans. In a world run by machines, it is necessary to have special skills in order to survive and fight enemies.

    So let's see what are the skills you should unlock first to have an easier life in the fight against robots.

    Critical Hit
    An important skill in which to invest in the initial phase of the game. In fact, at the beginning you will come across a series of small enemies and Critical Strike will allow you to deliver a final blow on a downed enemy.

    This skill will allow you to more easily collect items from trees such as potions and more. In the early stages these will be vital, so having a skill that allows you to not waste anything can make a difference.

    Aloy's favorite weapon is the bow. You will have to practice with this weapon a lot and you will use it throughout the game, by unlocking the Concentration skill you can slow down time. This allows you to place the darts exactly in the weak points of the enemies, greatly increasing the damage caused.

    Silent Strike
    Silent Strike is a skill that will prove very useful at the start of the game and beyond. The stealth approach is a very important part of the gameplay and since you can't afford to make a lot of mess shooting arrows everywhere it is good to unlock this skill as soon as possible.

    Dodge Prowess
    Dodge Prowess will allow you to perform dodges by rolling, both long and short

    This ability grants greater chances of knocking out enemy armor even with light spear attacks

    Knock Down
    This ability allows you to take down enemies with heavy spear attacks.

    This is another skill that will be essential to have as soon as possible. In Horizon Zero dawn you will take a lot of damage, this ability will help you heal faster.

    Frequently asked questions and answers

    Stealth strike

    How to unlock the Every single skill learned trophy.
    You will need a total of seventy-nine skill points to level up each and every skill.
    fifty of those skill points will come from leveling up to the end.
    sixteen are obtained through the primary story missions.

    The most essential weapon for Aloy's arsenal at the beginning of the game is the Carja Sharpshot bow.
    This bow gives her access to precision arrows and tear-blast arrows, which are essential for destroying machine armor and uncovering their most fragile components.

    The maximum maximum level is level fifty.
    At this point, you will have earned enough skill points to unlock each and every free skill.
    Upon reaching level fifty, you will likewise earn a bronze trophy.
    It is the last level-related trophy, so it is a good sign that this is the maximum level cap in the game.

    Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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