Horizon Zero Dawn: guide to find the 5 Power Cells

Horizon Zero Dawn: guide to find the 5 Power Cells


In this guide we see how to get the 5 Energy Cells in Horizon Zero Dawn, needed to unlock one of the most powerful armor in the game.

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What are Power Cells for in Horizon Zero Dawn?

The cells to be found are 5 in total and are indispensable to unlock the most powerful armor in the game, that is the Shield Weaver Suit. For more details follow the guide to the most powerful armor in Horizon Zero Dawn [shield weaver suit].

Where are the Energy Cells located in Horizon Zero Dawn?

The power cells are located in areas that you will also visit during the main missions, but keep in mind that you can go back and take them at any time, even after completing the game.

The areas related to these missions are blocked until a certain point in the story is reached. To save time, of course, it is advisable to collect cells during the main missions.

Remember that after collecting the cells, they will not be saved automatically but you will need to reach a checkpoint. Energy cells are highlighted with a green icon which makes them easier to spot. Here is a video showing where they are:

After finding all 5 Cells, return to the Ancient Armory, marked as a secondary mission. Here insert the power cells, solve the ring puzzle as shown in the video and take the armor which will then become available for you in the inventory.

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