Homefront - QR Codes and other Easter Eggs and secrets

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Homefront - QR Codes and other Easter Eggs and secrets

Homefront also has its little secrets

How about taking care of Homefront Easter Eggs? Even if it doesn't look like there are several and as always Resources4Gaming is on the spot for you. Here they are.

QR codes
They are sort of barcodes scattered throughout the single player campaign. These codes can be "decrypted" by framing them with a smartphone and using an application like I-Nigma which is used to read this type of code (as shown in this video)
The first code reveals a secret link (this http://aug.me/SymB9t) where we can find a series of videos and wallpapers of the game. In the following video you can see everything, including also the secrets hidden by the other QR codes.


Homefront - Codici QR
Don't see the video? Click here - Use comments to report videos that are no longer valid

The parachute
In the Farm mission you will find the tall tower with a yellow ladder. Go up and jump downstairs. During the fall, the message "Press A to open parachute" will appear.

Ridiction to God EX
In Chapter 2: Freedom, there is a Deus Ex giveaway. In the labor camp you can hear the phrase "You want to talk to El Ray? That's great!" This is a direct quote (and spoken with the same inflection) from a bodyguard of the Rook gang leader at the abandoned Brooklyn Bridge subway station in Deus EX.

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