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In Hitman 3, new game developed by IO interactive, in the area of Mendoza, the mission called The Farewell consists of well 67 challenges. In this guide we will give you the instructions to be able to complete them. Reaching Mastery Level 20 will unlock the trophy Vineyard Virtuous. At least 85% of the challenges must be completed to reach Mastery level 20, so it doesn't matter if you don't solve them all.

Challenges are only available when the game is online. Completing challenges will increase the Mastery level on this map, which also means new equipment and starting positions. The equipment that will be unlocked can be used on all other maps. It is always preferable to perform a manual save before any important action, because it can be used to save time by avoiding having to repeat entire game sessions in case of failure.

Before leaving you to guide, we remind you that in the following text you could read some major or minor spoilers related to Hitman 3, regarding various playful sections and different details on the story created by IO Interactive. We therefore advise you to proceed with caution before completing the game's campaign in its entirety.

Assassination (16) of Mendoza in Hitman 3

  • Hemlock notes: take some poison with you, or retrieve it from the villa bathroom on level 5. Take a bottle of Pinot Noir, one is in the Wine Fridge on level 1. Dress up as a waiter, go to the tasting room on level 2, place the bottle , poison the glass and serve it to Tamara when she enters the room, here's how to complete the first assassination in Mendoza in Hitman 3
  • Domestic disturbance: open the safe in the basement of Don Yates' villa, on the 03 floor of the villa's basement. The code of the safe is 2006, open it and take the file. Dress up as a mercenary, deliver the file to Don Yates' wife. Wait just a few minutes, she will meet Don Yates and push him off the balcony. This action also counts as one of the kills for the Murder by Proxy trophy
  • The Orator: find the microphone that is in the cinema, floor 01, lower right edge of the map. The microphone stands on a black box on the top floor of the cinema, where there are two workers standing. Go to the area called Asado, on floor 04, party area. There is a stand there and place the microphone there. Then increase the voltage of the voltage box behind the microphone to create the trap. Now you have to complete the Asdaor feat. Grab a torch from floor 03 in front of the mansion, and use it on the slaughtered pigs barbecue on floor 03 to light the Asador Fire Pit. A few minutes later Don Yates will arrive and use the microphone and be killed
  • Pencil Pusher: In the parking area, a lawyer calls our target Yates. He is easily spotted because he is wearing a white shirt, has a briefcase and a bald head. After the call he will head to the round flowerbed in the center, and this is where you will need to take off his suit and briefcase and put on the disguise. Throw the weapon in the basket, if you have one with you, as you will be searched along the path leading to the villa. At the black iron gate, talk to security who will lead you inside the mansion to the guest room. Put the guard out of action and hide him in the closet. Put the files on the desk and wait for your target to enter the room along with another bodyguard. Wait for the latter to come out, and when your man approaches the desk, bang his head on the pen holder, and put the body in the closet with the guard.
  • Get rid of the body: The Shredder, the yellow shredder is located outside the villa, right next to the guest bedroom. When you are alone with your target in the room, subdue him, do the same with the guard standing outside the door, drag Don and put him in the shredder, then turn on the machine.
  • Firebrand: Around the guest areas, there are many garden pipes near small lamps on the floor. Open the taps to create a water leak around the floor lamps. Hit Tamara and drag the unconscious body onto one of the lamps. Shoot the submerged lamp to electrocute it, or wait for Tamara to approach one of these lamps
  • Pulp Friction: during the story of The tour mission, while in the fermentation room, push Tamara into the crusher as soon as she approaches it
  • Assassination by proxy: to solve this challenge you have to let the NPCs kill the targets. Combine the following two challenges to get the Domestic Disorder mission and the story of the "Eyes on Target" mission.
  • Coldhearted: in the meantime while you are doing The tour, open the Freezer while you are in the production room. Tamara will enter and you can close the door from the outside
  • To loyalty: Stock your equipment with poison, from Berlin mastery level 10, or grab it from the mansion bathroom, level 5. You must enter the mansion basement, level 3, and put the poison in Don's glass before he can sit with Diana and Tamara
  • Straight shot: Kill any target with a headshot
  • Tasteless, Traceless: There is a poison challenge for each Tamara and Don
  • Someone could get hurt: these are the accidental kills that occur while carrying out the mission in "The Tour"
  • Hold My Hair: equip an emetic syringe, from Chongqing mastery level 5, and puncture Don on the upper floor of the villa, taking advantage of a bathroom right next door. He will go to the bathroom to vomit and you will drown him by pushing him from behind. Don will visit the top floor from time to time, a safe way is to choose the Shrine as a starting point and go straight to the mansion, Don will head to his room at the start of the mission
  • piano Man: Equip the Fibrewire in the loadout before the mission and strangle any target by grabbing them from behind
  • Versatile assassin: Complete the challenges "Piano Man", "Someone Might Get Injured", "Hold My Hair", "Straight Shot", "Tasteless, Traceless"

Discovery (20)

  • The Hidden Hand: The Providence Herald is one of the people who are meeting in the basement of the mansion at the end of the "Closing Statement". At the beginning of the story, both your targets and some blue-clad people will gather for a secret encounter. One of the men sitting on the edge of the corner of the meeting table is wearing this disguise
  • Lurker Lake: After eliminating both targets, go to the Boatdock at the top of the map. The key is in the shed
  • Shortcut: cellar door, see our detailed guide
  • The cuckoo's nest: Sniper location is in the silo, level 3. Distract the guard on the left by flipping a coin and grab the rifle while he investigates. Your colleague with the binoculars will not notice anything
  • A vintage year: This challenge is completed during the main story mission "Closing Statement"
  • The Cave: to get out of the way, you need to equip the Tactical Wetsuit, which is located in the armory not far away, level 2
  • Grand Theft Auto: To use Don's car to escape, you need the key in the bedroom of the villa, level 5
  • Tastemaker: take a waiter's disguise, there are many around
  • Grape Picker: this disguise can be found in the Staff Locker Room, level 0, or in the grape fields where there are many workers
  • Harvest season: Get the special knife from Grape Shed, level 0, and take down some of the large vines. Malbec grapes are found in the upper part of the field
  • One Last Tango: exfiltrate the area using the exfiltration point on the dance floor
  • Into the Sunset: the exfiltration point is located under the Grape Shed, at level 0, in the lower part of the map
  • Discover Mendoza: you have to find all 45 areas in Mendoza
  • Wines of the estate: Reach the Wine Fridge at level 1 and get the three bottles of wine
  • Scandal: open the safe in the basement of the villa, level 3, where you can get information. The code is 2006
  • Hi, Cowboy: you will see the Gauchos moving between fields and gardens, and even if they are often in pairs you will be able to distract someone to eliminate them
  • The Famous Llosa Brothers: Look for Chef Asado who is on level 3, next to the barbecue
  • Shortcut: maintenance port, see our detailed guide
  • Chameleon: you have to find the 15 disguises present in Mendoza which are:
  • Tactical Suit, Armory, Level 2, is obtained during The Cave
  • Lawyer, stands at the parking lot, white shirt with bow tie, briefcase, bald head, you get in Pencil Pusher
  • Herald, one of the men sitting on the edge of the corner of the meeting table dressed in blue, is obtained in "The Hidden Hand"
  • Waiter, take a waiter disguise, there are many around, already featured in Tastemaker
  • Winery Worker: Can be obtained during the Grape Picker challenge
  • Chief Oenologist, obtained in "Tourist Guide"
  • Gaucho, you get it in "Hello, Cowboy"
  • Corvo Black, is the guy in the black dress who walks with Tamara Vidal in "The tour"
  • Bodyguard, I'm pretty much everywhere
  • Asado Chef, is obtained in "The Famous Llosa Brothers"
  • Sommelier, you have to disguise yourself during the “Overflow”, see our detailed guide
  • Security Officer, you need to talk to us during “Overflow”, see our detailed guide
  • Mercenary, you see them almost everywhere around the villa
  • Tango musician, dance floor, level 2, are the people in suits playing piano music
  • 47's Signature Suit with Gloves, you can get it from the coat rack in Don Yates' bedroom, floor 05 in his mansion

Talents (15) 

  • Grapes of Wrath: Take the special knife from Grape Shed, level 0, and cut some of the vines in the grape fields, they will be highlighted in yellow in instinct mode. Then look where some guards patrol the fields and put grapes on the ground. Wait for the guards to come and slide over the grapes
  • Mission Story - The Tour: Complete the main mission "The tour"
  • Going Above: Enter the Security Room, level 2, overlooking the barrel room, and use the console to unlock the doors of the Wine Fridge. This procedure starts a timer for the duration of one minute that you must enter
  • Close instruction: Complete the main story mission "Closing Statement"
  • Primary fermentation: knock down or kill any worker, and then throw them into the fermentation tank, level 01, top floor of the fermentation room
  • Mission Story - Eyes on TargetComplete the main story mission "Eyes on Target"
  • Spit: The Fire of the Asado is located on floor 03, it is the barbecue of slaughtered pigs with the chef standing next to it. It can be lit either with a torch, which is located in the parking lot of the delivery van in front of the entrance to the villa, floor 04, or with a propane cylinder that can be shot from a distance
  • Secondary Fermentation: Collect poison from the mansion bathroom, floor 05, or equip it in the mission load, unlocked by Berlin mastery level 10. Get rid of the two people in the technical room, floor 01. Try to figure out the route from the ventilation system to the security office, as you will need to be pretty quick later on. Follow the storyline of "The tour" to the end, which is when Don enters the barrel room while Tamara is still there. You can throw something as a distraction so Tamara doesn't follow you. When both targets are in the barrel room, you must quickly return to the technical room, floor 01, poison the ventilation system and turn it on, then run upstairs to the console in the security room, floor 02, to redirect the airflow into the barrel room
  • Melon head: Complete Hitman 3's “Eyes on Target” main story mission
  • Tourist guide: Complete Hitman 3's “The Tour” main story mission
  • Going Below: Get the screwdriver from the tech room on level 1 and go to the barrel room. Jump down into the tunnels below from the side of the room and remove the lid from the wall using the screwdriver to access the Wine Fridge.
  • The talented Mr. Rieper: infiltrate the party wearing your dress, for example you can get the invitation from Diana to the default spawn and show it to the controllers at the entrance, or take the invitation from the parking lot. Follow Tamara and Diana during the party and talk to Diana on every occasion. You will introduce yourself as Mr. Rieper. You can talk to Diana 3 times, all on floor 03 (Asado). After talking to her for the third time, which is after Diana and Tamara are in front of a railing, Tamara will ask you to speak privately in a secluded place. It will lead you to the cinema on floor 01.
  • Mission Story - Over the Top: Complete the main story mission "Over the Top"
  • QR codes: Around the vineyard there are 7 QR codes that you can scan with the camera. View the game map and the minimap to see the camera icons
  • A Thick Must: During “The Tour”, show Tamara the Grape Presser, the press, while you are in the fermentation room. Tamara will enter and you can crush her using the console right next to her. You can more simply knock her out and drag her unconscious body into the Grape Crusher

Objectives (2)

  • Tamara vidal: is your main goal
  • Don Archibald Yates: is your main goal

The Classics (5 + 9 side missions) of Mendoza in Hitman 3

  • Silent assassin: During the mission you have to kill the targets and get rid of their bodies. Also, you will need to stay clear of the enemy radar
  • Suit Only: You must complete the mission without disguises
  • Silent Assassin, Suit Only: to complete this challenge you just have to kill the targets and get rid of their bodies undetected, wearing your usual outfit without any disguise
  • Sniper Assassin: To complete this challenge you have to kill all the targets using only the sniper rifle
  • The Classics: By completing Silent Assassin, Suit Only, you will earn the classic challenges in one go "Silent Assassin", "Silent Assassin, Suit Only", "Sniper Assassin", "Suit Only" by Hitman

Frequently asked questions and answers

You can locate a vial of deadly poison on the top floor of the Villa, at the edge of the map (level three on the map).
The area is forbidden for those invited to the celebration, so you will need a disguise or certain skills to enter.
Once there, go around the bedroom and enter the bathroom to locate the deadly dose near the window.

Get rid of Vidal's bodyguards While Diana and Tamara are setting up, the trio of guards will take up situations nearby.
When the sniper comes in over the radio, one of the guards will head left (north) facing the railing.
Approach him and push him to suppress him, or subdue him and drag him to the flowerbed.

Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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