Hercules: confirmed live-action, will be produced by the Russo brothers

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After months of various rumors, the new production is now official Disney: the live-action of Hercules will arrive on the big screen. Among the various names there are also the Russo brothers, who after the direction of Avengers: Endgame will take care of the production of the remake through their company ABGO. As head of the script we will find a real superhero connoisseur: Dave Callaham, already struggling with Wonder Woman 1984, with the new Marvel cinecomic: Shang-Chi and The Legend of the 10 rings, and with the sequel to Spider-Man: A New Universe.

There are no definitive dates yet regarding the release of the new film, nor do we have any news regarding the narrative choices of Hercules. Many wonder, in fact, if it will be a musical - so you can listen to the iconic songs from the 1997 classic - or if the will be taken up by the legend of the Demigod Hercules, more in line with the latest Mulan remake. There are many recent controversies among aficionados of the classics Disney, due to the choices made by the writers of the latest live-action. The authors would have decided to remove all the songs, in favor of another type of narrative approach, less fairytale and more focused on action. Since the news is fresh, we do not have much information yet but, as usual, we will not fail to keep you updated on every news coming out.

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