Help / Walkthrough Boss Cleric Beast

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Bloodborne: Guide to Beat the Beast Cleric [PS4 Boss Walkthrough]


Let's face all the fearsome bosses of Bloodborne one by one: we start with the Beast Cleric

Help / Walkthrough Boss Cleric Beast

The Beast Cleric has quite basic attacks from which one must still be able to guard against.

First of all know that he really likes to jump. It typically puts its large arm on the ground and jumps towards you if you are far away. When you see that he is about to do it, you should run towards him and roll under the jump.

Secondly he will try to catch you if you are right in front of him. Pay close attention to this attack because if it gets its hands on you you will take a lot of damage, as long as it doesn't kill you instantly. For this reason it is best to completely avoid standing in front of him.

The whole thing will be interspersed with normal hits and combos when he is close enough to hit you. A good strategy is to shoot him in the head or use a Molotov cocktail, after he leans forward to the ground approach and press L1, this will blind the beast and it will lose accuracy in its attacks.

Here are some videos showing the best strategies for beating the Beast Cleric. Good luck

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