Help to find fusion cores

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Fallout 4: Where to Find Fusion Cores [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


But ndo 'go, if you don't have the battery? For example, also go to consult the tricks and complete guide card of Fallout 4 where you will find many other useful guides on this game.

Help to find fusion cores

As we have already seen in other guides (guide to find power armor immediately in Fallout 4) in Fallout 4 it is possible to use power armor from the very early stages of the game. However, there is an important limitation in the use of these armor, which consists in having the battery that allows their operation, those that in the game are called fusion cores.

Remembering that the fusion cores can also be bought from the sellers at the cost of about 500 caps, below I propose you a video showing 10 different places where it is possible to immediately find as many fusion cores, obviously without paying anything!

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