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Three years after the first episode, Real Boxing 2: CREED tries to kill the proverbial two birds with one stone: on the one hand, it renews the boxing series of Vivid Games with a second chapter richer and more multifaceted than the original, as well as a harbinger many new features in terms of gameplay;

on the other hand, it uses the cinematic license linked to the film "CREED" to offer us not so much a digital version of the figure of Rocky (present but decidedly surrounding), as to couple the traditional single player campaign with a second parallel story mode, in which we dress precisely the role of Adonis "Creed" Johnson, the son of the legendary Apollo Creed, who in the film produced by Sylvester Stallone decides to turn to his father's old friend to put his skills to good use and establish himself in the boxing world. In short, we will pursue two parallel careers, even if the one with Adonis will immediately prove less profound and fun., being the character bound in the characteristics and not modifiable, whereas our avatar (created with a simple but not very rich editor) will be able to improve between one meeting and another, enhance their skills also through training sessions (present below form of fun minigame) and use a whole series of objects that can give him interesting bonuses. The five "zones" that make up the single player campaign (North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America) are therefore opposed to as many scenarios with the protagonist of the film, with a view to events that more or less try to retrace this. which happens in the film, but which are unlocked only if the two careers go hand in hand.

Real Boxing 2: CREED is a great boxing game, regardless of the license attached to the movie

Boxing's Creed

The interesting thing about Real Boxing 2: CREED is that it does not reveal all its cards right away, on the contrary it continues to offer advanced tutorials even after completing the first zone, thus providing us with a complete repertoire of moves only after a few hours. The control system makes use of touches and gestures to execute forehand, hooks and uppercuts, with two special moves available and the ability to deliver devastating charged shots.

In the lower part of the screen there are also the buttons for parrying and dodging, while by moving two fingers at the same time in the various directions we will be able to make quick sideways swings, back up or advance towards the opponent, so as to put him on the ropes and bombard him with sganassons. The gameplay works very well, and even manages to convey the idea of ​​the boxer we are building: powerful but slow, or fast but ineffective? As usual, it will not be easy to choose which skills to enhance and which to leave behind, with the risk of remaining anchored to a balance that will hardly take us far. The artificial intelligence of the other boxers is discreet, but in particular the presence of various attack and defense patterns is surprising, to be studied to identify any flaws to be exploited. There is also an asynchronous multiplayer integrated into the campaign itself, which means that in certain cases we will face the characters created by other users, albeit always controlled by the computer. The events are numerous and the double campaign contributes to composing the framework of a structure able to keep people busy for quite a few hours, assisted by an excellent technical sector, which manages to render polygonal models well while lacking variety. both from the aesthetic point of view and from the entrance animations. To cut the legs of the experience, preventing it from really taking off, there is a fairly aggressive freemium model, which at first appears too limiting, only to lighten up with the passage of time. Which in some ways represents a contradiction: during the first phase there is an indicator of the action energy that sets the number of matches that we can play in a row at three before waiting a few minutes for the recharge, but by accessing the following areas the indicator increases its units, giving us more freedom. The presence of traditional advertising films also makes it possible to restore the "reservoir" without necessarily using the hard currency, which is also given out at certain moments in the story mode.


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Real Boxing 2: CREED is a great boxing game, regardless of the license linked to the film with Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan. The touch control system guarantees a great variety of strategies and combinations, in particular thanks to the special and loaded maneuvers (the latter performed very well in the impacts), while the technical sector is excellent, while showing the side to a certain degree of repetitiveness. The idea of ​​the two parallel careers is interesting and further enriches a lasting single player experience with a non-trivial degree of challenge, but the freemium model adopted for the occasion is limiting, especially at the beginning, when it takes just a few minutes to finish the energy of action and you have to wait for it to recharge in order to continue.


  • Solid and fun gameplay
  • Double campaign, lots of encounters and minigames
  • Technically very well done
  • The freemium model adopted is often limiting

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