Hearthstone: The designer talks about the new reward structure

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The current leadership of the team of Hearthstone not afraid to shake things up substantially as the output of has proven Demon Hunter, the first new class of the game since launch. Although Blizzard confirmed that there will be an important one in the cards reworking of the game's reward structure, the game director Ben lee stepped in to explain that the new system would maintain the value that players can currently earn in the game. Unsurprisingly, this hasn't completely calmed the players' waters on Reddit, hence the game designer Dean "Iksar" Ayala made another attempt. Fresh out of a social media hiatus, Iksar headed straight to Reddit and provided more details on potentials changes. He said players should expect to earn much more gold in the future, while obtaining "many or more rewards”Compared to the current system. He also pointed out that gold will come removed as a reward from missions and replaced by XP, which doesn't seem reassuring at all, but Ayala explained:

Our intent with the system is that it is upside for all players. We've done a lot of testing to make sure that's the case no matter how you play. We're doing XP per level and XP bonuses as adjustment knobs in case our predictions are wrong.

Completing the new missions will help players level up, and Ayala said that most of the rewards for doing so will be gold. Likewise, if you usually collect your gold to spend on the first day of an expansion, you should be able to open roughly the same number of packs as usual, "but with more non-gold rewards added in. top". We can't wait to find out how the new system will be structured!

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